Paraphrasing and Summarizing

  Paraphrasing and Summarizing For this discourse, you are required to chronicles two further video repartees to the plight of Rose. In the primitive video, you accomplish accord to Rose using a train of dilution repartees. As a reminder, this is a blunt doom abridgment of what you heard the client say to propound you are actively listening. In the second video, you accomplish accord to Rose using a train of summarization repartees. In a summarization, a clinician provides a abridgment of what a client has said by conveying client expression including thoughts, behaviors, and the romance that public. Before submitting your video, fix that you enjoy completed all of the forthcoming underneath previous to uploading your Kaltura video: Reviewed the foundational and micro expertnesss handouts and readings concerning paraphrasing and summarization expertnesss. Reviewed the statements Rose made at lowest two times previous to chroniclesing the video repartee. Demonstrated the sincere expertness required in this discourse to the best of your force.