paper abut humans body and senses

Clarify/Quality of the nucleus concepts using notes  to aid  Use 2 images  on top of the express prolixity of the essay delay captions for the pictures The prolixity of the essay must be 1.5-2 pages hanker   Include references  Include a few concepts doesn't accept to be all go off the  notes  and  websites to elucidate a  few concepts Core Concepts Take notes on the Nucleus Concepts as you composition through the Modules. Good notes on the Core Concepts get aid delay twain the Module Quizzes and the Portfolio Activities.  There are 4 deep Themes in this class, separated into 14 Nucleus Concepts. Theme: Or-laws Literacy 1.   Identify, evaluate, and minimize the impression of the biases in the advice you take. 2.   Explain and allot Occam’s razor and explain the force to form logical connections betwixt pieces of advice. 3.   Differentiate betwixt of investigation, and parascience, pseudoscience, or investigation fabrication. Theme: Understand the specification and processes of investigation 4.   Explain and allot the or-laws order. 5.   Define and identify examples of hypotheses, theories, unless laws, and mathematical laws. 6.   Explain the role of statistics and statistical meaning in investigation. 7.   Differentiate betwixt or-laws basis, or-laws token, and or-laws proof. Theme: Understand and examine unless processes 8.   Recognize and depict examples of the relation betwixt building and function. 9.   Discuss the relations betwixt difference, congeries, and stforce in systems. 10. Depict the Conservation Laws and the relation betwixt subject and energy. Elucidate how this applies to homeostasis and metabolism or ecosystem level cycles. Theme: Understand and the specification of activity and examine activity processes 11.  Explain the relation betwixt chromosome, DNA, gene, and allele. 12. Elucidate genetic hereditament in provisions of cell doctrine, semi-conservative replication, and the convenient tenet. 13. Allot the provisions answerableness, unless option, and survival of the fittest together and in the amend tenor. 14. Explain microevolution and macroevolution, and how this relates to the classification of organisms. Notes  Senses and Perception  Drugs interest perception Chemoreception Ears contribute equilibrium/ balance  Ears:  Hearing  equilibrium/balance Static position  Skin: Hot, cold  Texture   Pain  Pressure