Organization Assessment and Benchmarking Process

As divorce of your operation as PM on the strategic dissection for the implicit profession operation exemplarization plan, you conquer be developing a way to assess the uncertain constructions and benchmark their operation in the areas that were highlighted as divorce of the vulgar issues facing the construction. Write a 1 page Nursing essay analyzing how you conquer erection and direct the constructional assessments so that you can benchmark the operation among tops in at smallest two of the areas where there are issues vulgarly impacting the construction (see schedule underneath). Provide examples of what the goals of the constructional assessment dissection would be and what benchmarking arrangement you conquer applaud implementing. Provide examples to livelihood your findings. Issues impacting the construction: Financial challenges - Not all tops are performing as polite as expected Patient security and attribute - Sites feel unanalogous untrammelled procedures Healthprudence better implementation - Sites are in unanalogous phases of this arrangement depending on when they instituted and conducive instrument Governmental mandates - Sites are interpreting mandates unanalogously and responding domiciled on their interpretations Care for the uninsured - Several tops are struggling financially providing prudence for great populations of uninsured unrepinings Patient content - There is no exemplar way to gauge and mark unrepining content despite all tops Physician-hospital relations - Sites differ in the energy of these relationships Technology - Sites run unanalogous technology methods which are not integrated and some tops are ample more technologically slow than others Population soundness government - Each top is directing this unanalogously and there is no way to easily evaluate postulates despite the method. Personnel shortages - There is no unconcerned way to divide instrument among tops to discourse personnel shortages and gain infallible there are courteous bulk of perverse trained employees. Creating an answerable prudence construction - Sites differ in their conqueringness and bandwidth to  gain this transition