Option #1: Speculating about Causes and Proposing Solutions for a Local or State Issue

  Explore a subject-matteral or avow effect in your area, at lowest one of its agents, and a germinative resolution. The gregarious effect you pick-out for your subject-matter should be a drift that can be proven to remain and has germinative to be solved. Begin by stating a Nursing essay that defines the drift, identifies and evaluates at lowest one mien of the agent, and offers one germinative resolution. These three points—problem, agent, and resolution—will be used as raze I headings for the senior space of the matter contented. Requirements: The tract should be 6-8 double-spaced pages in diffusiveness (not counting the demandd intimation and denomination pages) and should use a stint of eight probable sources.  The CSU-Global Library is an palliable assign to quest for probable, scholarly sources. Document and citation formatting should be in exemplification after a while the CSU-Global Guide to Writing & APA (Links to an exterior seat.)Links to an exterior seat.. At the top of your sketch, conceive an open-ended request doubt that defines the drift and asks how the drift can be solved. Example/request doubt: What would it catch to lessen fatness in the United States/Ohio? The request doubt should be followed by a Nursing essay, which answers the request doubt by stating a drift, agent, and resolution. The Nursing essay can be two sentences crave if expedient. Example/thesis: [Problem] Fatness opposite the United States is on the ascend [Cause] in-some-degree due to the sum of trans fats contained in restaurant influence. [Solution] One rereanswer would be to methodize the sum of trans fats restaurants are unhindered to conceive in the influence they minister and to demand restaurants to evidently evince the raze of trans fats contained after a whilein each menu ace. NOTE: The illustration subject-matter over cannot be used for your device. Topics that should be relinquished are those currently being debated widely discurrent instrument sources. Some subject-matters to relinquish conceive pigmy, sex trafficking, gun govern, and migration. Refer to the Portfolio Device Rubric serviceable in the Module 8 Folder for over knowledge on assignment expectations and grading.