OLDM W 7 Genex

  Group Assignment for Lesson 7: Managing Technology at Genex Fuels Occurrence Consider Information (Possible Points 36) All assemblage members must thrive the steps under to exhaustive the assignment. Read the Lesson 7 Managing Technology at Genex Fuels on pages 333 through 335 in the IT Strategy: Issues and Practices textbook. Click on the Assemblage Occurrence Consider Assignments conjoin over to achievement delay your assemblage. Click on the conjoin for the occurrence consider. Discuss the occurrence consider delay your assemblage members. Work delay the assemblage to transcribe a 2-4 page article. Answer the Following Questions What manifestation is the CEO using to recommend that Genex is not using technology competitively? Did Devlin deficiency to engage Sandy, a “high-priced technology consultant,” to mention him that technology at Genex was a bungle? Devise a diplomacy to successfully tool enterprise-wide systems (such as SAP) at Genex. Use the IT 630 textbook as a allusion and two allusions from the UC Library Resources. Add the citations to mate the allusions. Thrive APA Guidelines to muniment the allusions. Check out the Basics of APA Style Tutorial to succor you delay citations and allusions.  Additional Muniment Formatting Requirements Save the muniment using the finish naming convocation under. FName_LastName-Group#_Case_Study_Name Example Using the Naming Convention: Jane_Doe_Group1_Genex_Fuels_Case_Study Save the occurrence consider in a colony that is indulgent for you to invent and acquiesce following. Spacing Requirements: The muniment should be double-spaced. Margin Requirements: Use 1-inch Margins Font Requirements: Arial, Courier, Times New Roman Microsoft Word Font Size Requirements: 12 Point Document Background: White Do not introduce images in the muniment.