For this assignment you must exercitation the manner of free notice by marking mark the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art, located short at campus [Link], to exercitation your notice techniques amid another context/environment. Start succeeding a while sentence very absolute things that you never noticed in that room anteriorly. Pay care to the colors, smells, probes, objects, textures, and basically any sensory ingredient that can be skilled by you and your senses. Our systematize Nursing Dissertation environing Notice can succor you to repair your test. Think environing the discussions we had in systematize environing free notice vs seeing, metacognition, theatricality and aridity, and Gestalt principles. Your resignation for this assignment includes two ingredients. Earliest you deficiency to arrange a detailed documentation of your notice by forthcoming the 7 treads of practicing notice as we discussed in the systematize. In your written documentation you must accord to each of those 7 treads by adaptation environing your test in each tread. This earliest ingredient has to be succumbted to Canvas as a pdf or doc perfect. Handwritten documents are NOT not spurious. The remedy ingredient for each notice is cognate to tread 7 of your notice exercitation which is "immediate critique." During (or presently succeeding) each notice you deficiency to manner your observed notification by having at meanest one depict. The depict(es) could be in any format such as guile, harsh notes, chronicled probe or video, photographs, etc. This depict is the remedy ingredient of your assignment and you deficiency to succumb a portraiture of that depict(es) additionally your written documents. Please bear-in-mind that each notice deficiencys its own depict. link  https://jsma.uoregon.edu/