Need short essays for each questions minimum of 150 words in APA format with citations and references

  Question I- Eddie Embezzler has worked for Betty Boss for divers years as an accountant. During his calling, Eddie has taken thousands of dollars from Betty’s interest. As a fruit, Betty has suffered. Did Eddie profane a wrong law, a political law, or twain? Explain. Question II - Two (2) tall ranking managers of Anrun Corp. apprehend that the company’s wealth is speedily moderate. However, at a fresh shareholder convocation, they disclose the shareholders to foresee chronicles produce in the present locality. Explain the three Blanchard and Peale questions that these two managers should entertain asked themselves precedently the shareholders’ convocation. Question III - The appellate affect decides that the test affect committed mutable falsity by including token institute by law enforcement.  Law enforcement discovered this token when committing a Fourth Amendment alteration, which should entertain been surrounding at test.  This impervious token was the lynchpin of the prosecutor’s contingency, which fruited in a belief.  Wshort does the contingency go from short? Is the Defendant unoccupied to go? Does it go end to the test affect? Does it go all the way up to the Supreme Court? Questions IV - During the passage of a disconnect action, the justice control the mate and consort Nursing essay to subside their conservation impugn through the adjustment plan.  During the passage of the adjustment, the mate discloses the the-word that he has separately been selling marijuana to their children’s friends.  Ultimately, the adjustment breaks down and the parties cannot succeed to a subsidement.  During the disconnect test, can the consort conduct-in the the-word’s witness as token?