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Assignment 1: Economic Brief  Due Week 5, desert 150 points This assignment is aligned to these passage outcomes: Explain economic principles and their applications in the expanded earth. Summarize the irrelative types of negotiate constituencys and the role of synod in economics. In the workplace, we are frequently asked to produce “briefs.” A illiberal provides a snapshot, or limited, written resume, of a site or incident that has occurred. It is generally harmonious a few pages desire and may grasp appended visuals love a graph, chart, or consideration. In this assignment, transcribe a illiberal environing economic concepts in an diligence that interests you. An stance economic illiberal, template, and instrument are supposing adown. Example Economic Brief, Assignment 1 Template, Strayer Writing Standards (SWS)  Reapprehension an stance illiberal. Use the optional template to aid you get established. Get well-acquainted after a while the Strayer Writing Standards (SWS). (See Instructions adown.) Industry Selection  Use this productions to excellent an diligence and understand environing the products and services it provides: NAICS (North American Diligence Classification System)  Select the enumerate present to the diligence to see its subsectors, e.g., excellent 52 to see Finance and Insurance. Select that corresponding enumerate again to disshield environing the diligence as a well or excellent a sub-category. For stance, Mining is 21, and Oil and Gas Extraction, a sub-category, is 211. Instructions Reapprehension your former portion discoverings and use the productions overhead to expand an economic illiberal that is two to three (2-3) pages desire in which you: Select an diligence and relate the result and/or services this diligence produces. Use the NAICS productions overhead to aid you excellent an diligence (and/or subsector) for your illiberal.  Identify this diligence’s negotiate constituency and at last two or more negotiate characteristics that foundation this negotiate constituency. (Market constituencys are finished in Weeks 3 and 4.)  Describe any noconsideration microeconomic relationships, negotiate outcomes, and/or trends in this diligence. Grasp a graph, chart, or consideration containing connected postulates. (Microeconomic relationships and negotiate outcomes are finished in Weeks 2 through 4.)  How jurisdiction synod collision this diligence’s negotiate costs, output, and/or negotiate constituency? (Government interposition through cost controls, diligence regulations, and antitrust enforcement is finished in Weeks 2 and 4.)  This passage requires use of Strayer Writing Standards (SWS). The format is irrelative compared to other Strayer University passages. Please admit a instant to critique the SWS documentation for details. (Note: You’ll be prompted to penetrate your Blackboard login credentials to apprehension these standards.) Your illiberal should grasp a shield page.  Your illiberal should be two to three (2-3) pages in protraction (not including the shield page), double-spaced, 12-point font. Your illiberal should grasp a poverty of one (1) reference/citation in the passage.