In this item, we enjoy focused on revising and editing; perceiveledge expectations; gaining perspective on your writing; ways to contour your disquisition; the concern of care the learner in mind; and how you can best learn, rule, and accord to feedback. Part of the revision rule is sharing after a while others environing what you enjoy familiar. You never perceive what capacity aid others in their rule. Further, casually it can aid you to meliorate conceive and heed upon your rule when you enjoy the opening to transcribe it down.  For this item's argument, observe the rule you enjoy bybygone through as you revised your disquisition so far—the importation and attainment retrospect. What enjoy you root to be most aidful for you? What would you distribute after a while others environing your rule? What techniques, tips, and methods enjoy you used to aid the rule go past smoothly for you? You can besides represent methods that were not as aidful to you and what you would enjoy to do in the coming that you contemplate capacity be meliorate.  PLEASE REPLY TO MY CLASSMATE RESPONSE TO THE ABOVE QUESTIONS AND EXPLAIN WHY YOU AGREE? (A MINIMUM OF 125 WORDS)                                                                 CLASSMATE’S RESPONSE When revising my disquisition, I utilized the grading rubric. I learn anything in support 5 to myself audibly and then learn my disquisition audibly to myself. I didn't enjoy to fluctuate considerable after a while my importation and attainment retrospect owing it meets the requirements. For my importation and attainment retrospect I little introduced my theme to my auditory and supposing models of some solemn cases of crown trauma in football. What aided me transcribe a hale importation and attainment is the model in Item IV. The model passage in Item IV besides aided me to transcribe my retrospect of attainment, it aided owing it gave me an notion on how to shape my disquisition glide appropriately. I did enjoy to substitute my disquisition, so it is past arranged owing I jumped from the con to the pro interest and tail to the con. I agricultural that by rearranging my disquisition to glide evenly. I had opposed leading out "you" or "your”, so I ended up deleting each doom that had "you" or "you’re" in it and created a new doom. I had a total after a while citations in the disquisition, but I agricultural that by going through and doing past scrutiny on my theme. For my theme I used a lot of intelligence catechism to aid me sift-canvass the pro and con interest of my theme. I besides forgot to put my references in alphabetic enjoin, but I agricultural that as I revised my disquisition.