Music writing 2

  Review and incline to ALL still n ess from Chapters 8 through 11 on the Baroque Era. Pick-out 2 participations of still n ess FROM THESE CHAPTERS to transcribe environing in a Listening Chronicle Entry. These two, disconnected entries, should add up to closely one bountiful, unique spaced page. Listening chronicles earn be adapted in Blackboard for 5 days rearwards the due limit. However, chronicles earn surrender 10% each day they are tardy. This chronicle earn be rate 40 sharp-ends. Once intermittently, I strongly commend that you transcribe the chronicle in a measure program such as Microsoft Word, and upload your chronicle to this assignment through the integrate under: Attach File > Browse My Computer. Do NOT transcribe it in the "comments" exception under as it earn answer as a enormous jumble of signification delay no separations or paragraphs. Please pick-out 2 ballads/pieces that can be loud or instrumental still n ess. Do NOT pick-out 2 exceptions or change-of-places of the corresponding participation, but rather two unanalogous participations. If you pick-out a loud participation you MUST decipher the inclineing guides in your textbook that yield translations of the signification into English. There is NO EXCUSE for not reason what they're singing environing, when you debate the participation. Don't surmise. Use the adapted resources. Your entries should understand personal use of still n ess glossary, and try to perform inferential comments, not ample generalizations.  When you inaugurate your debateion of each participation, delight understand the TITLE of the larger employment, the favoring ballad or change-of-place, and the COMPOSER. Imagine your decipherer understands very illiberal environing still n ess. In the chronicle record you should debate: What do you incline? What is going on in the participation? How does the still n ess enlarge compositionally or sound-wise throughout the participation? What are the instruments or loud ranges life used? What genre and/or phraseology are they playing/singing? What distinguishes this participation of still n ess from others you understand and entertain inclineed to? What do you enjoy environing this still n ess? What do you not enjoy? Do you entertain an affecting defense to the still n ess? Be favoring and depict what you incline. You should use glossary signification that you entertain literary so far, and your own signification to depict the still n ess. **If you relation, direcectly note, or equal expatiation elucidation instruction from an without fount (such as the textbook), you MUST yield personally formatted citations to fly plagiarism. This understands parenthetical/in-text citations at the end of sentences or paragraphs AND a slight Bibliography listing at the end of the chronicle.  However, gone this is reported to be YOUR thoughts and observations, it should not be expedient to use abundant without instruction.** References for citations in Chicago or Turabian phraseology format can be fix in the library integrates fix in your syllabus as polite as exact here: , GOALS for the Assignment: As constantly, the aim is for you to unfold your force to conference environing still n ess on a deeper roll, by personally using still n ess glossary conditions. I don't lack multiple paragraphs of elucidation instruction or the narrative rearwards the participation, which you enjoyly copied or expatiationd from an without fount. This is detriment the sharp-end of the assignment and earn conclusion in a inferior measure. I lack to see you conferenceing environing the developed still n ess itself.