Monitoring and Controlling a Project Portfolio

Monitoring and guiding a device portfolio is an on-going mode. How and when it is effected is determined by the needs of the construction. One way that warnering and guiding a device portfolio is irrelative from establishing it initially is that the mode includes evaluating on-going devices and rebalancing the portfolio. The evaluation of on-going devices involves determining if the device continues to livelihood the objectives of the portfolio in stipulations of alignment delay constructional management and device exploit. The criteria used to assess the continued alignment of the device to constructional management are typically the similar as when the device was primitive designed for funding. The assessment of device exploit opposing expected interval and require parameters is performed using redundant techniques, such as Earned Value Management. For this Discussion: Why is it significant to warner and moderate a device portfolio on an on-going plea? What are the risks of not doing this? What is state balancing? What is triple distraction balancing? Provide samples of each. Can state balancing and triple distraction balancing be used ling? Why or why not? What is Earned Value Management (EVM)? How is it used in warnering and guiding a device portfolio? Provide an sample.