Module 4 Case

   Module 4 - Case Health Caution Reform/ Integration and Reflection Case Assignment   The heartiness caution remodel deliberate is not a new one. The intention for a  national order was a Hillary Clinton platform when she was First Lady.  In 2010, President Barrack Obama verified into law the Patient Protection  and Affordable Caution Act (PPACA). President Donald Trump is now looking  to “repeal and replace” the PPACA. It is indispensable on us all to befit as known encircling heartiness caution  remodel as feasible accordingly it affects us, our source, and cherished ones.  Use the module readings and your own examination to corcorrespond to the  following questions: List and briefly picture 3 of the recommendations for heartiness caution remodel from experts, profit groups, etc. Discuss how the Patient Protection and Affordable Caution Act (PPACA) fits (or does not fit) delay the recommendations.  Length: Submit a 3-page tractate, not including the clothe page and the intimation roll.  Assignment Expectations  Assessment and Grading: Your tractate achieve be assessed inveterate on the accomplishment assessment rubric. You can judgment it lower Assessments at the top of the page. Rejudgment it precedently you arise exertioning on the assignment. Your exertion should to-boot flourish these Assignment Expectations.