Module 3 – SLP

FINANCE AND BUDGETING The fixed of the SLP is for you to metamorphose the speculative and public aspects as healed and inveterate in each module’s fact tract, to a “Board-meeting” bestowal. The SLP (relish the facts) is a cumulative contrivance that conquer manifest the success of your sense and your ability to establish the key points of your fact exertion, and metamorphose them into bearing slides utilizing Microsoft PowerPoint software (PPT). Remember that the bestowal conquer be yieldted to the “MHA599 Consulting Team” (MHA599CT) consultation of directors at their bi-weekly consultation parley, so bestowal needs to be directed to this executive assembly. I am assured that you conquer relish developing this contrivance, and hone your occupation bestowal skills in the system. Guidelines for Effective PowerPoint Presentations Do not force to confuse your assembly delay psychedelic visual possessions, multi colors, and eye-boggling animations. Do not equitable delineation and paste your fact citation into the slides. Focus on the satisfied and what notice you scantiness to get across to the consultation. Think Assembly - Ensure that all slides are viewable (i.e., bearing citation in viewable font extent.) “one draw is estimate a thousand words” – embrace graphs, diagrams, etc., as misapply. Do not use all caps exclude for titles. Keep the elucidation consonant and discriminating. Use barely ample citation when using charts or graphs to explain; evidently address the described. Keep the delineation purified and uncluttered. Leave void interinterspace environing the citation and describeds. Check the spelling and rhetoric. SLP – Organization The calculate of slides per module should be encircling 10-15. Prepare and yield the minorityal/modular slides for each module, adding the former ones (i.e., in Module 2 you conquer add and yield minoritys 1 and 2, and so on. Amend each minority per the feedback you conquer get from your educationist. Finally, you conquer drift all minoritys into one finished and inclusive PPT forthcoming the SLP frameexertion detailed adown, and yield contemporaneously by the due duration of Module 4. SLP – Frameexertion and Modular Assignments The finished SLP conquer rest of the forthcoming minoritys: Title slide - to be yieldted in Module 1. Background - to be yieldted in Module 1. The External Environment - Data Gathering – to be yieldted in Module 1. Market Research and Segmentation – to be yieldted in Module 1. Organizational Structures and Functions – to be yieldted in Module 2. Finance and Budgeting – to be yieldted in Module 3. Quality, Ethical, and IT Controls – to be yieldted in Module 4. Conclusions and Recommendations – to be yieldted in and for all modules. SLP Assignment Expectations As customary in the conduct and modular outcomes, you are expected to manifest discriminating thinking and a dense analytical and speculative conversance of all anterior conducts in the program. Furthermore, reason should be inputted on applying what you already apprehend to the operation of developing an specific contrivance that reflects structure, integration, and real-life impression (force plans). As the environment is of a real-life contrivance team, you conquer be assessed as to how courteous you bestow your exertion to your gang and peers (despatches and bestowals). Feedback and comments from your educationist and peers should be implemented and existing recommendations adjusted gratefully. Good Luck and Enjoy!