module 2 dicussion

  Marketing catalogues frequently combine pictures delay extract/type. Some ads emphasize the picture, opportunity others rendezvous on extract/type elements. The catalogue picture underneath is an specimen of one that is predominantly extract/type. Using the web browser of your precious, fulfil an internet inquiry to ascertain three (3) unanalogous catalogue pictures that are made-up predominantly of extract/type. In your moderate post, for each of the three (3) catalogue pictures you separated, do the following: Line 1: Indicate Ad 1, Ad 2, or Ad 3 as misappropriate. Line 2: Contribute the web address/link to the picture. Save, portraiture, or interest a screenshot of the picture. Line 3: Paste or introduce the picture. Line 4: Identify the type-styles bestow in picture's extract elements (e.g., Serif, Sans Serif, Slab Serif, Script, and Novelty). If you engagement any difficulty bestowing this counsel in the mass of your discourse post, you may contribute the required counsel in a Word instrument that you conciliate to your moderate post. Explore the catalogues shared by your classmates. Reply to at smallest one of your classmates, commenting on the ads they shared. Are the ads they shared primarily type-based? Do you suit delay the type-style categories they attested?