Module 06 Discussion – Discussions A/B

  DISCUSSION A Robert and Jenna Smith's 2nd offshoot has Down Syndrome. Philip is 14 years old. He has a sibling that is older and one younger. 15 year old sister, Lucy and a scanty match Danny who is 10 years old. As all 14 year olds he is graceful past assiduous in his sexuality and expressing that after a while marvel. He has been unconcealed to keep some deliberate incursion toward his sister and some classmates in his open school. Discuss how you could succor this fabricatorage strive and pilot Philip to imbibe expend manner.Group B Response Will this manner interfere after a while his profit in nature in the persomal Boy Scout company? His company pioneer is his senior. DISCUSSION B Toddlers keep some very singular manneral characteristics as they change from infancy to offshoothood. Identify these manneral changes. Include the challenges that fabricators may countenance after a while these characteristics including identifying constitution, nutritional barriers, hygiene, disembodiment, and drowse.Group A Response Can you succor fabricators imbibe to chaffer after a while these manners and afford them some insight and direction that earn comfort this transition for the offshoot and fabricator? You toil in the pediatrician's service. Assessments and teaching are the rendezvous of your toil. DO DISCUSSION B , 3-4 REFERENCES, IN-TEXT CITATIONS,ANSWER ALL QUESTIONS