Modern United States History

  For this first assignment, you conquer be agreement a illiberal counterpart to the Gilded Age leading sources linked adown, all of which chaffer delay the experiment of effecters  and immigrants during this conclusion of boundless economic veer.  After you read, I neglect you to transcribe a  illiberal counterpart, prelude in to compensation the forthcoming questions.  You can use all three documents in this assignment though you are not required to do so.  If you would love to rendezvous on impartial one recital, that is pure as courteous. 1.  What is the experiment of effect love for these men-folks?  Conditions, remuneration and punishment can be considered short. 2.  How does the character of their effect seek their family/personal duration? 3.  How do these men-folks endeavor to veer their provisions and how auspicious are they? When you've completed your counterpart, gladden invade it into the dropbox folder conspicuous Assignment 1.  Let me comprehend if you accept any questions or  problems.  The counterpart (which should be 1-2 pages double-spaced) conquer be due anteriorly adjust on Monday February 5. Here are the links and a flinty vision of the sources.