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Please observe on it or in-effect try your laborer at a MATH RAP or transcribe a MATH Poem. ================================================================== Do You Really Hate Math?? Multiply, Divide, Add, and Subtract Look out kidz, your intellectz below attack Don’t plague now, itz barely for the best So mayhap present duration u can ace that algebra test X durations Y to the second power Mr. G'z gonna hit u delay equations – hour behind hour But itz ok, hez a fine guy, honest restrain ur intellect rectilinear , and succeed in line Every ones got that corresponding ol interrogation, neglecting the occurrence that math is a blessin “How succeed we own to acquire this nonsense?” “Isn’t English, Science, and History enuff?” or “Whatz Algebra gonna do for me. I can already estimate – bee-yond three?” Well, let me furnish u an pattern that mayhap yo intellect can laborerle Say you got 5 dollars that you wanna use, but thatz all u own So u don’t wanna affront, and this is where math succeed in Take that specie and buy 20 packs of gum Then vend them out at double the sum Behold u honest made 10 dollarz, doesn’t that kinda yank your collarz? See now u can consume that 5 and spare the rest Which is why a brief math is for the best The over u acquire the over ur blessed.