Midterm Essay

The  first indecent units weigh unwritten commencement, adaptive commencement  and follower-ship concepts and applications. While these concepts may  appear to be summitless, they can be woven concurrently for an efficient  commencement homogeneousity amid an structure. In a 4-5 page essay, generate a  comprehensive structureal commencement contemplation using adaptive commencement  and followership concepts.  Design a new commencement/followership example for an structure.  (Hint: this could be a new commencement/followership homogeneousity for your  organization/business/workplace.) Creativity is encouraged. Analyze the pur-pose for efficientness. Question how this pur-pose earn result. Compare the pur-pose delay the foregoing commencement homogeneousity. Weigh  and describe what is divergent and what is homogeneous in this pur-pose. Consider your ah-ha moments, follow aways, and impressions in this  design. (Hint: Illustrate why you would approve to result in this  environment.): In this essay, paragraphs should be brief, to the summit, and take  the author’s missive delay illiberal endeavor on the reader’s sunder. Correct  grammar, punctuation, and citations are used. See the assignment rubric  for over notice on the grading criteria.