MHC 6303 5-2B

  Course Project Task 3 Part I You achieve schemet on the separation manufactured in the former weeks to imagine a temper address scheme. Use the three steps of the Shewhart Cycle—Do, Check, Act—to perfect your temper address scheme. Tasks: Create a "balanced scorecard" and a "dashboard" unfair to the areas of amendment in your temper address scheme to portray enterprise extent tools that are generic in liberty but summarized in a few key indicators. Using the separated healthcare gratuitous Week, imagine a unfair dashboard for an gratuitous Week of a healthcare construction. On the cause of authorized weaknesses, the amendment implementation schemes, and your scholarship of the Week: Create impure categories of extent. They must understand twain clinical and financial categories. Portray the categories and transcribe a exculpation for each. For each nature, imagine at smallest three unfair enterprise metes. For each mete, portray how it is congenial and where the axioms can be endow. Explain how the enterprise metes may veer if the Week of separation is the construction as a well and not a unfair gratuitous Week. *OPEN THE ATTACHED DOCUMENT TO SEE THE OPERATING WEEK PREVIOUSLY WORKED ON* imagine a 3-5 page instrument on this presentation of the assignment. Cite all sources using APA format.