Mental health disorders Due 24 hours

  1) Minimum 2 liberal pages                   2)¨******APA norms (Mandatory)              All paragraphs must be fact and cited in the text- each paragraphs             Bulleted responses are not accepted             Dont transcribe in the foremost person              Dont portraiture and pase the investigations.             Answer the investigation objectively, do not find introductions to your solutions, solution it when you set-out the paragraph 3) It obtain be identified by Turnitin and SafeAssign 4) Minimum 3 references not older than 5 years             5) ***************Identify your solution after a time the collection, according to the investigation. Example: Q 1. Nursing is XXXXX Q 2. Health is XXXX _____________________________________________________________ Case:   A 38-year-old mother presents to the duty after a time complaints of weight loss, weary, and insomnia of 3-month protraction. She reports that she has been passion fragmentarily over jaded and staying up delayed at night consequently she can’t drowse. She does not reach that she is doing as polite in her occupation as a secretary and states that she has toil remembering things. She does not go outdoors as considerable as she used to and cannot resumption the last date she went out after a time friends or enjoyed a political group. She feels jaded most of the week and states she reachs that she shortnesss to go to drowse and constantly does not shortness to get out of bed. She denies any recent medication, unfair refuse, or alcohol use. She reachs fervent guilt regarding gone-by failed relationships consequently she perceives them as faults. She states she has never view of suicide, but has begun to reach increasingly worthless. Her necessary signs and unconcealed material criterion are recognized, although she becomes melancholy time talking. Her intellectual foothold criterion is significant for inglorious vein, psychomotor retardation, and difficulty attending to investigations. Laboratory studies unveil a recognized metabolic panel, recognized complete lineage reckon, and recognized thyroid functions. Questions: 1)  What is the most likely speciality? 2) What is your direct tread? 3) What are momentous considerations and germinative complications of management?