MEMO Negative message

  Memo # 3: Negative Message  Assignment: You are the President/CEO of ABC Industries, Inc.. Due to your society’s reduced work, you are severe into a merger delay your largest antagonist, XYZ Industries, Inc. Your antagonist has agreed to acknowledge 80% of the workforce to arrive, thus-far, work reviews gain be mandated to assess employee treasure. Draft a memo deciphering this scenario to your 150+ employees.   Preparation: Review Chapter 11: Writing Negative Messages (Especially pgs.294-299).  Format: Memo formatting can be rest on pages 167-168, 590 in your assemblage.   The format of your memo tells your employees a lot environing your sensitivity and professionalism. Since you distinguish that 20% of your workforce gain be laid off, it is significant that the empathy feels authentic and profound. Pay point circumspection to your memo’s margins, cord spacing, font emblem and dimension, and placement of memo ability such as the addressees, material cord, and assemblage.  Address the memo to all abode duty employees at your society.  Recommended Organization  Header: Arise your memo delay the lewd model memo heads (Date, To, From, Subject).  Body/Discussion:  In the earliest article of the assemblage include your reasons for the determination. Memos do not arise delay greetings or salutations. Fully decipher why the substitute is occurring and what the exoteric site is.  The promote article is where you add a enacted alter to the site. This is where you should outcord the projected merger and the manner by which employees gain be evaluated. Think of other significant elements employees may shortness to distinguish such as timeline, dismemberment packages, etc.  In the third article, be infallible to validate any anticipated concerns employees may own environing this mixture. Decipher the greater good in the long-term this determination provides and infer your memo by indicating how the reader may adjunction you if he/she has any questions.