Medical Coding and Billing Sample Certification Questions

  4.   Which one of the succeedingcited declarations accurately represents the habit unreserved as unbundling?    A. Confederacy regulations are point-outed peculiarly in ICD-10-CM.   B. Codes that should be grouped into one regulation are reclaimed into sarcasticd regulations to maximize physician acquittal.   C. ICD-10-PCS regulations are reclaimed into sarcasticd regulations for congruent point-outment.   D. Codes catalogueed as sarcasticd progresss are point-outed peculiarly.    5.   Placing a catheter into the aorta or quickly into an artery or temper is denominated    A. brachiocephalic make.   B. third arstroll arrival.   C. broad catheter arrival.   D. nonbroad catheter arrival.    6.   What ICD-10-CM regulation would be point-outed for a unrepining succeeding a suitableness intelligent tubule-interstitial nephritis?    A. L50.0   B. Z02.6   C. N10   D. B96.2    7.   The suffix -sis instrument    A. inflammation.   B. drooping.   C. plight.   D. plainion.    8.   The concept of meaningful use pertains to    A. medical operation protocol and instrument subordinateneathstanding.   B. chosenronic soundness archives implementation.   C. contrivance superintendence in the inunrepining enhancement.   D. categorization of unrepining observe.    9.   In what CPT regulation rove is Surgical Pathology institute?    A. 88400–80499   B. 88000–80299   C. 88300–88309   D. 88515–88598    10.   According to the CMS Open Physician Fee Schedule, what is the exmodify factor for basic fact influence mileage?    A. $32.4726   B. $34.5741   C. $28.8457   D. $36.0666    11.   A unrepining who was concerned in a motor vehicle garb is fascinated to the hospital by ambulance and advanceted to the hospital in dubious concern. The physician sees the unrepining for 74 minutes in dubious concern. The physician leaves to catalogueen to other unrepinings in the ICU and the NICU of the identical hospital. Five hours thriveing, the physician produce to the unrepining and continues to manage the unrepining in dubious concern for an subjoined 30 minutes. The unrepining spends a completion of 104 minutes in dubious concern. What regulations are point-outed?    A. 99291, 99292   B. 99292, 99293   C. 99291, 99291   D. 99292, 99292, 99293    12.   The previsage endo- instrument    A. below.   B. beyond of.   C. nigh to.   D. succeeding a suitablenessin.    13.   What is the CPT regulation for a three-view x-ray of the admonishs?    A. 70200   B. 70100   C. 70150   D. 70240    14.   Rules of attraction guide the    A. equality of attraction that may be advanceted during a polite measure.   B. plainiones and progresss for scrutiny and tally sessions.   C. instruments that can be considered during jury measure.   D. tediousness of immoral affect annals, but not polite affect annals.    15.   The ampulla, isthmus, interstitium, and fimbria are harvests of    A. augmentation multifoldions of ectopic pregnancy.   B. incision multifoldions for pacemaker invigorateation.   C. membranes in the abdomen.   D. annoyances in the ankle.    16.   Regulation J9165 is point-outed for intravenous diethylstilbestrol diphosphate. According to the regulation cognomen, what dosage was administered?    A. 20 mg   B. 50 mg   C. Up to 0.5 mg   D. 250 mg    17.   Members of the uniformed employments, their families and survivors, and private members and their families capacitate for    A. TRICARE.   B. OIG Recovery.   C. Medicare.   D. Medicaid.    18.   A unrepining comes to the pitch opportunity dissatisfied of abdominal aversion. She was anteriorly diagnosed succeeding a suitableness idea I diabetes. She as-well-behaved complains of debile eyes, glomeration, urgency in the sinuses, and inaptitude alert. Her lacupel diagnoses are straight inferior quadrant abdominal aversion, idea I diabetes, intelligent sinusitis, and asthma. What CPT and ICD-10-CM regulations are point-outed?    A. 99222, R18.91, E16.9, J01.91, J45.919   B. 99221, R17.41, E17.9, J01.90, J45.909   C. 99221, R10.31, E10.9, J01.90, J45.909   D. 99223, R14.31, E15.9, J01.90, J45.929    19.   Beneath HIPAA, soundness concern facilities must    A. thrive up succeeding a suitableness unrepinings who recurrently misunderstand scheduled appointments for mandatory employments.   B. detain archivess of unrepinings who furnish orders over than uninterruptedly succeeding a suitablenessin a three-month durationframe.   C. suppress a spotless, fortify instituted environment.   D. pick-out a secrecy operationr in agreement succeeding a suitableness HIPAA policies and progresss.    20.   What is the ICD-10-CM regulation for unfixed intelligent pericarditis?    A. I30.89   B. I30.9   C. I30   D. I30.79    21.   What is the unmeasured regulation cognomen for 25515?    A. Known skill of radial stem disbandment, includes interior fixation, when effected   B. Closed skill of ulnar stem disbandment; succeeding a suitablenessout make   C. Closed skill of radial stem disbandment; succeeding a suitablenessout make   D. Known skill of radial stem disbandment, includes interior fixation, when effected, and make-knownd skill of distal radioulnar junction disreconsignment (Galeazzi disbandment/dislocation), includes interior fixation, when effected, includes relit of triangular fibrocartilage multifold    22.   Which of the succeedingcited slender precipitations would comprise the diaphysis?    A. Metatarsal   B. Diaphragm   C. Septum   D. Tibia    23.   A unrepining of-late became capable for soundness shelter through her mistress. Her soundness shelter is considered to be an 80-20 device. Beneath the victualss of an 80-20 device, the insurer pays 80 percent and the insured pays 20 percent of expenses. This 80-20 device is an harvest of    A. coinsurance.   B. prospective acquittal.   C. capitation.   D. instance superintendence.    24.   The Outunrepining Prospective Acquittal Regularity (OPPS) pays    A. an formalityatic scold for outunrepining employments in unfair hospitals.   B. a percentage of the open mediocre for the identical surgery effected in a incongruous geographic precipitation.   C. 65% of the schedule C scold for all surgeries.   D. subsidies to comprise soundness concern costs in grassy facilities.     25.   The con-over of empiricism is denominated    A. physiology.   B. pathology.   C. urology.   D. neurology.    26.   Shallot-to injuries such as abrasions or contusions are    A. not regulationd when associated succeeding a suitableness over sarcastic injuries of the identical multifoldion.   B. queried to avow if the injuries are blindly-devoted to the identical multifoldion.   C. regulationd when associated succeeding a suitableness over sarcastic injuries of the identical multifoldion.   D. regulationd merely when debridement is effected.    27.   Another mark for XXY syndrome is    A. Turner's syndrome.   B. Cooley's anemia.   C. Klinefelter syndrome.   D. Huntington's chorea.    28.   The formality that physicians use to skernel for each employment or scrutinize peculiarly rather than on a pre-paid groundation is denominated    A. fee-for-service.   B. capitation.   C. pre-paid concern.   D. managed concern.    29.   A physician has a meeting succeeding a suitableness a pharmaceutical sales delegated-to-others. During the plainion of the colloquy, the physician reveals the speciality and departed nobility, medical, and collective fact of a unrepining currently life manageed succeeding a suitableness one of the medications that the sales delegated-to-others is selling. In this seat, the schoolman could be sued for    A. irruption of secrecy.   B. malfeasance.   C. independent lacerate and injury.   D. hatred.    30.   A unrepining is prescribed a medication that narrows the lineage vessels and raises her lineage urgency. The medication is most likely a    A. tranquilizer.   B. cardiogenic.   C. vasoconstrictor.   D. cardiotonic    31.   Physicians typically appeal to slender precipitations using plainional victualss, which are recurrently    A. paired in opposites.   B. used primarily by chiropractors.   C. used to draw surgical incisions.   D. appealenced horizontally.     32.   The con-over of work empiricism using macroscopic or indiscernible anatomy is denominated    A. immunology.   B. histopathology.   C. cytopathology.   D. microbiology.    33.   A physician earns cells from the annoyance substance rollness using a demandle and a syringe. How would this progress be regulationd?    A. 36575   B. 37328   C. 38220   D. 35092    34.   What is Mediconcern Part D?    A. The ingredient of Mediconcern Part A that covers outunrepining surgeries   B. Add-on coverage for order offals granted through shelter companies beloved by Mediconcern   C. Supplemental coverage for war veterans and their dependents   D. Add-on coverage for dental progresss    35.   A effeminate unrepining is seen for her annual gynecological establishment. During the establishment, the physician performs a cupel to unmask cervical cancer. This cupel is denominated a/an    A. immunoassay cupel.   B. Pap varnish.   C. carcinoembryonic antigen cupel.   D. mycobacterial cultivation.    36.   A physician is denominated to the intensive concern part for a unrepining succeeding a suitableness cooperate-degree cauterizes sustained on 55% of his assemblage suitableness cooking in the kitchen where he works. The physician sees the unrepining in the dubious concern part for two hours, leaves the part, and produce thriveing the identical day to cater an subjoined hour of dubious concern. What ICD-10-CM and CPT regulations would be point-outed?    A. L91.8, 99291 × 2, 99292 × 4   B. R53.81, 99291, 99293 × 5   C. Z30.09, 99293, 99294 × 2   D. T31.50, 99291, 99292 × 4    37.   A exmodify in the works and cells succeeding a suitablenessin a unfair area on or in the assemblage is denominated a    A. lesion.   B. cyst.   C. neoplasm.   D. knob.    38.   Observe environing a unrepining can becan be liberated for exploration beneath the victualss of HIPAA, merely if    A. the unrepining signs an authorization straightway upon entrance.   B. the exploration is dubious for technological harvest.   C. the unrepining has authorized the liberate and merely a poor equality of observe is liberated.   D. explorationers earn authorization from the advanceting physician.    39.   A unrepining is diagnosed succeeding a suitableness subjoined a whilestand cancer and beneathgoes a peculiar mastectomy. What CPT regulation would be point-outed?    A. 19305   B. 19307   C. 19304   D. 19301    40.   To adapt to the HIPAA Secrecy Rule, which of the succeedingcited fortifyguards must be suppressed in soundness concern facilities?    A. Immunization and introduction fortifyguards   B. Temperate administrative, technical, and tangible fortifyguards   C. ICD-7 hypothetical fortifyguards   D. Hazardous desolate safety fortifyguards    41.   A unrepining sustains a disbandment of the femur suitableness bountiful pedestalball in a nearby boundary. What ICD-10-CM regulation would be point-outed?    A. S72.001A   B. S72.009A   C. S72.003A   D. S49.006A    42.   According to the guidelines for medical archivess outlined in the Soundness Shelter Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), unrepinings    A. keep the straight to keep errors criticismed by a hospital official.   B. keep the straight to chasten errors in identification foundation merely.   C. keep the straight to keep errors in their medical archivess chastened.   D. do not keep the straight to keep errors chastened, as the foundation has been anteriorly authorized by the physician.     43.   Modifier -23 marks that    A. two surgeons effected a progress.   B. a progress was effected bilaterally.   C. a physician criticismed and interpreted a radiology progress.   D. the unrepining current public anesthesia for a progress that would ordinarily be effected succeeding a suitableness persomal or no anesthesia.    44.   The Soundness Shelter Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) was created for the mind of    A. streamlining titles plainioning and reducing paperwork through chosenronic transmission.   B. stabilizing administrative costs and productivity.   C. decreasing employee turnover and reducing the book of new engage paperwork.   D. modifying recognizeable and incorporeal issues exclusive medical archivess resistance.    45.   A unrepining is seen in the pitch opportunity dissatisfied of abdominal aversion in the left inferior quadrant. It's avowd that the unrepining is experiencing inflammation of the pancreas, which is as-well-behaved denominated    A. pancreaticoduodonal arcade.   B. pancreatitis.   C. pancreatolysis.   D. pancreatonia.    46.   A 55-year-old unrepining was injured suitableness instituted as a carpenter on a subordinateneathstanding multifoldion. Suitableness framing the roof of a two-story lineage, he waste and hit his crown. He was diagnosed succeeding a suitableness a ccareless to the left border of his crown, and beneathwent a straight frontal parietal craniotomy succeeding a suitableness disruption of a subdural hematoma. During the unrepining's continuance of regaining, he was attached a medication that resulted in a anxietyless on his abdomen. The physician conducted an spacious substance focused fact and exam, succeeding a suitableness innocuous medical determination making. What CPT regulation(s) should be point-outed?    A. 99251   B. 99252   C. 99292, 99291   D. 99253    47.   Entrance infallible steps to fortify PHI from life garbally liberated to men-folks who don't demand to subordinateneathstand the observe is denominated the    A. partiality certain banner.   B. secrecy superintendence legislation.   C. soundness observe keeping guideline.   D. observe victuals banner.    48.   The deep expression represents the most basic multifoldion of a empiricism or plight. For harvest, the deep expression of a speciality involving a reclaimed arm is    A. reclaimed.   B. subdue.   C. disbandment.   D. arm.    49.   Performing a daily restrain for viruses and malware is one of the    A. exactments of the Help Desk.   B. order multifoldions of software deeptenance.   C. tangible guidelines for Internet use in soundness concern facilities.   D. operations of HIM encoders.    50.   A regulationr overhears a trustworthy declaration made beyond of the affect, and then, when denominated to cupelify, relates the declaration as life faithfulness. This is an harvest of    A. cross-examination.   B. noise.   C. consideration.   D. a plain relate.    51.   A unrepining holds two venous urgency clamps for hemodialysis. What HCPCS Flatten II regulation is point-outed?    A. A4751   B. A4751 × 2   C. A4918 × 2   D. A4918     52.   The plainion of removing work for histopathology is denominated    A. shaving.   B. debridement.   C. excision.   D. biopsy.    53.   A regulationr would point-out modifier -53 to noise    A. dental progresss.   B. relate progresss.   C. anesthesia government.   D. progresss cancelled due to the unrepining's plight.    54.   Alternative argue unravelling (ADR) recognizes    A. resolving medical malhabit suits by yieldting premeasure depositions.   B. lawyer-to-lawyer interference during measure succeeding a whiledrawal.   C. mediating argues succeeding a suitableness a magistrate in the intercourse of the bailiff.   D. litigants to counteract argues preceding to or succeeding the rouse of litigation.    55.   Regulation rove 99231–99233 pertains to    A. moderate hospital concern.   B. subjoined hospital concern.   C. consideration employments.   D. hospital free employments.    56.   A unrepining comes to the pitch opportunity dissatisfied of abdominal aversion, loathing, and dogged vomiting. Unable to pinpoint the fount of the unrepining's expostulations, the physician decides to advance the unrepining to the hospital. Succeeding conducting a unmeasured fact and establishment, the unrepining's lacupel speciality is avowd to be continuous duodenal abscess. The unrepining sediment hospitalized for three days. The physician sees the unrepining on the day of free. What ICD-10 and CPT regulations are point-outed?    A. 99234, N17.9   B. 99223, I48.91   C. 99238, K26.7   D. 99291, D63.1    57.   The unfair guidelines that appoint a cogent liberate of observe beneath the HIPAA Secrecy Rule are drawd as    A. OIG unfairations.   B. E/M flattens.   C. considerations in proingredient to risk superintendence.   D. kernel elements.    58.   The suffix –centesis instrument    A. exceptional plight.   B. calculus or stone.   C. a surgical poke for limpid disruption.   D. disjunction, subduedown, perdition.    59.   The regulation for an ESWL would be institute in the    A. Urinary and Hardy Genital Systems of CPT.   B. Chemotherapy exception of HCPCS.   C. Digestive Regularity of CPT.   D. Cardiovascular Regularity of CPT.    60.   A effeminate unrepining is diagnosed succeeding a suitableness subjoined a whilestand cancer of the inferior-inner quadrant of the straight subjoined a whilestand. The unrepining beneathgoes a qualified immanent mastectomy of the straight subjoined a whilestand in an violate to ensnare the extend of the cancer to any minor slender multifoldions. The progress was effected in three stages. In restoration to the immanent mastectomy, the physician as-well-behaved effected a straight subjoined a whilestand biopsy to manage the subjoined a whilestand knob in the inferior-inner quadrant. What ICD-10-CM and CPT regulations are point-outed?    A. 19307-58-RT, 19101-59-RT, C50.311   B. 15852-58, Z48.01   C. 11602, 15240, C50.312   D. 19307-RT, 19101-RT, C50.211    61.   A unrepining comes to the ambulatory surgery character for a disamalgamate of the cervical spine. Preceding to the groundation of the surgery, the unrepining suffers an allergic reaction to the anesthesia soon succeeding it's administered. Accordingly of this reaction, the surgery is not effected. What regulation would be point-outed as the elementary-listed speciality?    A. The attention regulation   B. The infer that the surgery was scheduled to be effected   C. The allergy regulation   D. The anesthesia government    62.   Anti-inflammatory offals applied to the peel to succor peel empiricisms are denominated    A. persomal corticosteroids.   B. antiseptics.   C. keratolytics.   D. astringents.    63.   The _______ firmness sends visual foundation to the occipital lobe of the brain.    A. abducens   B. trochlear   C. optic   D. oculomotor    64.   The origin message OBSTETR/O instrument    A. pregnancy.   B. cesarean.   C. midwife.   D. spring.    65.   The origin message ENTER/O instrument    A. knob.   B. stomach.   C. civil.   D. secretion.     66.   What regulation would be point-outed for gastropathy?    A. K29.7   B. K41.31   C. K31.9   D. K41.2    67.   A unrepining comes to the physician's operation dissatisfied of neck womanishness. The physician examines her neck and notes that she has a 15 cm neck scar. Upon advance establishment, the physician notes that the neck scar exacts great debridement and resistance integritys. The physician performs a dermabrasion to manage the neck scar and then closes the multifold lacerate succeeding a suitableness the integritys. What ICD-10 and CPT regulations are point-outed?    A. 13132, 13133 × 2, L90.5   B. 13132, 13133 × 3, H81.09, L92.9   C. 13133-51, 13131-79, L60.0   D. 13132, L76.82    68.   The bulbourethral gland is institute in the _______ formality.    A. neurological   B. cardiovascular   C. hardy genital   D. effeminate genital    69.   A tethered soundness archives recognizes unrepinings to    A. remake shelter copayments.   B. use a fortify gate to arrival their own archivess.   C. parallel their soundness archivess to the archivess of unrepinings succeeding a suitableness resembling diagnoses.   D. rectify the diagnoses catalogueed in the soundness archives.    70.   A unrepining is diagnosed succeeding a suitableness lymphocytic lymphoma. Another unrepining is seen different weeks thriveing and is diagnosed succeeding a suitableness histiocytic lymphoma. Twain of these diagnoses are harvests of _______ lymphoma.    A. basic   B. Hodgkin's   C. non-Hodgkin's   D. Burkitt's    71.   A unrepining holds a lineage glucose mentor. What HCPCS Flatten II regulation would be point-outed?    A. E0976   B. E0607   C. E0562   D. E4752    72.   A amiable acquiescence program in the soundness concern enhancement includes    A. HHS surveillance.   B. formal tracking and mentoring of coding activities.   C. meetings succeeding a suitableness acquiescence operationrs.   D. formal audit considerations succeeding a suitableness trustees of the AAPC.    73.   A unrepining succeeding a suitableness misty symptoms is seen in the laboratory for a public soundness panel to measure her overall tangible welfare. What CPT regulation would be point-outed for a public soundness panel?    A. 80051   B. 82136   C. 84135   D. 80050    74.   Regulation 71030-TC marks a/an    A. unmeasured chest x-ray, immodest views, technical ingredient merely.   B. inunmeasured chest x-ray, two views, technical and negotiative ingredient.   C. unmeasured chest x-ray, two views, technical ingredient merely.   D. inunmeasured chest x-ray, three views, technical and negotiative ingredient    75.   If unrepinings pick-out to earn copies of their medical archivess, beneath the victualss of HIPAA, caterrs can    A. as-well-behaved design requests for order foundation.   B. reschedule operation scrutinizes to recognize duration to update medical archivess.   C. unmeasured employee paperwork.   D. admonish a inferable fee for providing copies of those archivess.    76.   A unrepining comes to the clinic dissatisfied of broil, diarrhea, loathing, and vomiting. The unrepining is diagnosed succeeding a suitableness salmonella meningitis. What ICD-10-CM regulation would be point-outed?    A. A23.24   B. A02.21   C. A05.26   D. A07.21    77.   A unrepining comes to the pitch opportunity dissatisfied of straight flexure aversion. He avows that he was bountiful dishonorableball the anterior evening and garbally waste when sliding into elementary dishonorable. The physician earns an spacious substance focused fact and establishment, as courteous-behaved-behaved as a two-view x-ray of the straight flexure. The physician criticisms the x-ray, as courteous-behaved-behaved as the notes in the medical archives, and renders a speciality of osteoarthritis of the flexure. The physician performs a patellofemoral arthroplasty to relit the flexure. What ICD-10-CM and CPT regulations are point-outed?    A. 27477, M17.12   B. 27506-RT, N17.11   C. 27477-RT, D17.39   D. 27447-RT, M17.11    78.   Victuals of shelter resisting a torture, impairment, or impairment succeeding a suitableness unfair currency acquittals is denominated    A. copayment.   B. safety.   C. restitution.   D. fortifyd impairment.    79.   HCPCS modifier –E2 marks that the unrepining had a surgical progress effected on the    A. inferior left eyelid.   B. remarkable left eyelid.   C. remarkable straight eyelid.   D. inferior straight eyelid.    80.   When is regulation 58120 point-outed?    A. The regulation is point-outed for beaming pacemaker invigorateation.   B. The regulation has been deleted and cannot be point-outed.   C. The regulation is point-outed for a unrepining beneathgoing dilatation and curettage.   D. The regulation is point-outed as an add-on regulation.     81.   Epithelial work that secretes its products quickly into the lineagestream is made of    A. extracellular matrix.   B. endocrine gland cells.   C. endoplasmic reticulum.   D. columnar epithelial cells.    82.   Which of the succeedingcited modifiers would be point-outed for a moribund unrepining?    A. P4   B. P1   C. P5   D. P3    83.   The slender precipitation of the calyx is the    A. spine.   B. brain.   C. arm.   D. sort.    84.   Which one of the succeedingcited exactments is outlined in the guidelines formalityatic in HIPAA's Secrecy Rule?    A. Hospital officials must encrypt foundation succeeding a suitablenessin older foundation files.   B. Physicians must not make-known unrepining observe to consulting physicians.   C. Patients must hold observe if their observe conciliate be used or make-knownd to third parties.   D. Managers must fortify medical archivess straightway succeedingcited unrepining entrance.    85.   The I-10 helps regulationrs arstroll unrepining    A. morbidity and dullness.   B. superintendence observe.   C. evaluation files.   D. acquittal foundation.    86.   During a order establishment, a hardy unrepining is diagnosed succeeding a suitableness an influential PSA. The physician performs a biopsy of the proavow succeeding a suitableness a rectal ultrasound to pinpoint the fount of the substance. Which CPT and ICD-10-CM regulations would be point-outed?    A. 55725, 76000-26, R93.6   B. 55700, 76872-26, R97.2   C. 55734, 73200-26, R97.2   D. 55720, 74000-26, R97.3    87.   Soundness concern practitioners must suppress archivess of secrecy device habits and progresss for    A. 20 years.   B. 10 months.   C. 2 years.   D. 6 years.    88.   A unrepining comes to the pitch individuality of a grassy hospital. He expostulations of substances sleeping, pedestal turgescence, and insomnia. Succeeding a inferential criticism of the unrepining's fact and a inferential establishment, the unrepining is diagnosed succeeding a suitableness continuous renal contemplatetiness, nephrotic syndrome, and anemia, dishonorabled on the values catalogueed in his lineage cupel. The unrepining beneathgoes a biopsy of the left and straight sorts beneath physician direction. A CT contemplate is as-well-behaved used for direction and demandle arrival. A thrive-up CT contemplate succeeding a suitableness physician criticism and exposition is as-well-behaved effected. What ICD-10 and CPT regulations are point-outed?    A. 50500-73, 51200-LT, C79.2, C61   B. 50200-RT-LT, 50310-RT, 51252-26, E46, N18.9, N04.9   C. 51000, 50310-59-LT, J90, Z90.12, E85.4   D. 50200-50, 50200-59-RT, 77012.26, N18.9, N04.9, D64.9    89.   Foundation stored in a soundness concern ease must    A. consent succeeding a suitableness HIPAA rules and must be suppressed fortifyly.   B. suit to OIG policies and progresss.   C. be unconfused in agreement succeeding a suitableness avow banners for chosenronic foundation correspondence.   D. adapt to the physician's expectations for foundation storage.    90.   Soundness concern practitioners who yield injuryulent scores to acception acquittal may    A. be blacklisted according to geographic precipitation.   B. be catalogueed in the Coding Directory of Delusive Billing published annually by the Individuality of Soundness and Human Services.   C. be noiseed to the Operation of the Attorney General.   D. visage financial penalties or, in some instances, confinement.    91.   Which of the succeedingcited anesthesia modifiers marks a ordinary, soundnessy unrepining?    A. P3   B. P1   C. P4   D. P2    92.   When coding cauterizes, regulationrs should    A. arstroll all cauterizes as intelligent cauterizes.   B. point-out sarcasticd regulations for each cauterize multifoldion.   C. point-out the regulation for third-degree cauterizes.   D. point-out the regulation for continuous cauterizes.    93.   A 65-year-old unrepining is advanceted to the hospital for 48 hours to hold skill from her physician. This unrepining would be expert beneath    A. Mediconcern Part D.   B. Mediconcern Part A.   C. Mediconcern Part B.   D. Mediconcern Part C.     94.   A unrepining comes to the clinic dissatisfied of ongoing crownaches. The crownaches began one week preceding and keep persisted always since. A lumbar spinal tap is effected to pinpoint the fount of the unrepining's crownaches. What CPT and ICD-10-CM regulations are point-outed?    A. 62270, G44.1   B. 62270, G74.3   C. 62141, G46.8   D. 62272, G46.9    95.   What regulation would be point-outed for a tube pericardiostomy?    A. 33210   B. 33026   C. 33015   D. 33050    96.   What is the regulation cognomen for 65101-LT?    A. Disruption of visible invigorate effected thriveingally   B. Fine demandle aim of sphereal discontinuance on the left third of the sphere   C. Biopsy of cornea effected on the inferior third of the cornea   D. Enucleation of eye, succeeding a suitablenessout invigorate, effected on the left border of the assemblage    97.   Another mark for diazepam is    A. Flexeril.   B. Valium.   C. Norflex.   D. Myolastan.   98.   The gatekeeper concept appeals to the action of    A. prospective acquittal subordinateneathstandings.   B. retrospective acquittal subordinateneathstandings.   C. ambulatory acquittal surgery characters.   D. soundness deeptenance subordinateneathstandings.    99.   The CPT regulation for thrombolysis is    A. 93000.   B. 92975.   C. 92920.   D. 93797.    100.   According to HIPAA, a unrepining's observe may be liberated for    A. paternity cupeling.   B. exploration.   C. determining premiums dishonorabled on a unrepining's departed medical fact.   D. sellring chosenronic medical archivess to indirect precipitations.    101.   Which of the succeedingcited declarations is penny of the Affordable Concern Act?    A. It includes a victuals for soldierly employment members who served in Afghanistan.   B. It exacts soundness concern facilities to suppress soundness archivess for at meanest 10 years.   C. It makes it mandatory for unrepinings to propel soundness shelter.   D. It offers parents supplementary coverage for dependents succeeding a suitableness continuous disorder    102.   A unrepining is seen in the physician's operation succeeding the results of an precedent mammogram demonstrated microcalcification in the straight subjoined a whilestand as courteous-behaved-behaved as a subjoined a whilestand lesion. The lesion is excised using demandle persomalization. The unrepining's lacupel speciality is fibrosclerosis of the straight subjoined a whilestand. What CPT and ICD-10-CM regulations are point-outed?    A. 19120-RT, L10.11   B. 19125-RT, N60.31   C. 19126-LT, M25.1   D. 19123-RT, H16.11    103.   A regulationr would point-out a Q regulation as a transient regulation for    A. holistic skills for spinal progresss.   B. persistent medical equipment merely.   C. progresss or employments merely.   D. progresss, employments, and supplies    104.   Which of the succeedingcited forms is used to skernel outunrepining admonishs?    A. HCFA-1350 or CMS-650   B. HCFA-1400 or CMS-1540   C. AMA-14 or UCF-1250   D. CMS-1500 or UCF-1500.    105.   During a order establishment, a unrepining marks that she is entrance an antihypertensive medication that causes her sorts to excrete over urine. These antihypertensive medications are denominated    A. calcium-channel blockers.   B. anticoagulants.   C. beta blockers.   D. diuretics.     106.   A unrepining comes to the pitch opportunity dissatisfied of postnasal percolate, recurrent nosebleeds, crownaches, and inaptitude alert. She is diagnosed succeeding a suitableness a deviated nasal septum, hypertrophy of the turbinate, and inflammation of the ethmoid sinuses. The physician performs an endoscopic ethmoidectomy of the left nasal sinus, septoplasty, and turbinate excision. What ICD-10-CM and CPT regulations are point-outed?    A. 31255, 30520, 30130, J34.2, J34.3, J32.2   B. 31255-LT, 30520-51, 30130-51, J34.2, J34.3, J32.2   C. 31230, 30520, J34.2, J34.3, J32.2   D. 31230-51, 30520-LT, J34.2    107.   A physician is analyzing unfair organs in a detail country of the unrepining's assemblage. In her notes, she appeals to the athwart or cross-sectional roll, which divides the assemblage    A. inferiorly.   B. vertically.   C. horizontally.   D. bilaterally.    108.   A unrepining comes to the pitch opportunity succeeding having dinner at a restaurant, where she began to habit chest strain during the asceticism. She is seen for a cardiology consideration in the outunrepining enhancement for a speciality of chest strain. Which CPT and ICD-10-CM regulations would be point-outed?    A. 99245, R07.89   B. 99244, R07.59   C. 99242, R17.52   D. 99243, R25.96    109.   Providers that hold acquittal succeeding soundness concern employments keep been granted are life possessed beneath the _______ formality.    A. prospective acquittal   B. retrospective acquittal   C. capitation   D. UCR    110.   The regulations in HIPAA devote to three groups of personal and corposcold entities, each concerned in chosenronic medical archivess sell. These groups are accumulatively appealred to as    A. soundness concern officials.   B. expert entities.   C. hypothetical soundness concern foundation collectors.   D. fortified personnel.    111.   The largest salivary glands are denominated the _______ glands.    A. amylase   B. parotid   C. sublingual   D. submandibular    112.   Which modifier marks a staged or cognate progress effected during the postoperative continuance?    A. -59   B. -57   C. -58   D. -54    113.   The unconstrained program that's financed through a confederacy of acquittals from public federal revenues and premiums paid by beneficiaries who chosen to share is denominated    A. CHAMPVA.   B. Mediconcern Part B.   C. Medicaid.   D. TRICARE.    114.   What is the unmeasured regulation cognomen for 33536?    A. Relit of postinfarction ventricular septal flaw, succeeding a suitableness or succeeding a suitablenessout myocardial reexception   B. Coronary artery bypass, using arterial graft(s); 4 or over coronary arterial grafts   C. Relit of inclose vent straight ventricle succeeding a suitableness intraventricular tunnel relit   D. Closure of atrioventricular valve (mitral or tricuspid) by integrity or patch    115.   Categorically demandy and medically demandy unrepinings may capacitate for    A. Medicaid.   B. CHAMPVA.   C. Champus.   D. Mediconcern Advantage    116.   ICD-10-CM regulation S50.351A marks that the unrepining has a shallot-to alien assemblage of the straight junction. The A marks that    A. regulation S50.351A should be point-outed to page 1 of the medical archives, but not subjoined pages.   B. this is the unrepining's elementary meet.   C. this is the unrepining's cooperate meet for the identical earliest speciality.   D. regulation S50.351A should be sequenced antecedently minor regulations.    117.   The foramen ovale is institute in which slender precipitation?    A. Fibula   B. Character   C. Pancreas   D. Liver    118.   A new unrepining is seen in a clinic for expostulations of insufficiency of met, broil, inaptitude gluttony, runny nose, and cough. The physician performs a inferential fact, inferential establishment, and medical determination making of low multifoldity. The physician as-well-behaved earns a chest x-ray and lab workup. Recurrent on the results of the symptom cupels, the physician renders a speciality of remarkable respiratory rely contamination and lymphadenopathy. What ICD-10 and CPT regulations are point-outed?    A. 99203, J06.9, R59.0   B. 99202, D63.1, J45.909   C. 99213, R06.82, F10.229   D. 99215, M19.011, R13.10    119.   A unrepining has a disarstroll in which the annoyance substance produces an overabundance of unspotted lineage cells. What is this disarstroll denominated?    A. Leukemia   B. Hemophilia   C. Coagulation   D. Septicemia    120.   A unrepining is diagnosed succeeding a suitableness acne. What ICD-10-CM regulation would be point-outed?    A. L74.2   B. L72.3   C. L70.0   D. L73.1     121.   A regulationr point-outs a HCPCS Flatten II regulation to a unrepining's medical archives. The regulation cognomen reads as thrives: Enteral feeding furnish kit; syringe fed, per day, includes but not poor to feeding/flushing syringe, government set tubing, dressings, tape. Recurrent on this cognomen, which HCPCS Flatten II regulation was point-outed?    A. B4072   B. B4125   C. B4034   D. B4278    122.   The Soundness Shelter Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) banners were patent clear to    A. fix that regulationrs could amply arrival each medical archives.   B. avow the make of shelter conveyance acquittals for soundness concern practitioners.   C. fortify unrepining trustworthyity when soundness observe is sellred chosenronically.   D. fix XLTM banners for soundness archivess superintendence.    123.   Another mark for third-party contractors who keep arrival to medical observe is    A. occupation associates.   B. shelter officials.   C. soundnessconcern vendors.   D. expert entities.    124.   Bones inborder the nose are denominated    A. maxillae.   B. turbinates.   C. ethmoids.   D. septal mucosa.    125.   The atrioventricular (tricuspid) valve is located in the    A. fibula.   B. lung.   C. character.   D. brain.    126.   Another expression for empiricism separation is    A. exacerbation.   B. absolution.   C. pathogenesis.   D. morphology.    127.   The polished disposition can be institute in the    A. ear.   B. discourse.   C. nose.   D. eye.    128.   The regulations for pacemakers and invigorateable defibrillators would be institute in what exception of CPT?    A. 33202–33273   B. 33200–33205   C. 33437–33537   D. 33533–33799    129.   The HIPAA Secrecy Rule marks that    A. practitioners should make-known merely the partiality equality of soundness observe certain for the mind of the exhibition.   B. physicians may liberate medical observe at their own preference.   C. restrictions on observe exhibition insist merely for unrepinings succeeding a suitableness fact-threatening disorderes.   D. the flatten of observe exhibition bountiful is dishonorabled on the structure of the progress.    130.   The compendiousness INH marks what march of offal government?    A. Inhaled and intrathecal government   B. Inhaled and intravenous government   C. Intrathecal introduction   D. Inhalant solution    131.   A unrepining comes to the clinic dissatisfied of loathing, vomiting, broil, dizziness, and occasional indistinctness. The physician conducts a inferential fact and establishment and criticisms the unrepining's lab results. The unrepining is diagnosed succeeding a suitableness pyelonephritis and is scheduled for an ultrasound to criticism the avow of the sorts and other organs. What CPT and ICD-10-CM regulations are point-outed?    A. 76775-TC, N15   B. 76775-26, N10   C. 73256-TC, M11   D. 71010-26, B12    132.   What happens when HIPAA rules combat succeeding a suitableness avow law?    A. Conflicting avow rules are overridden by federal law.   B. The exposition of HIPAA rules is left to the physician's preference.   C. Avow laws suspend federal law.   D. The Supreme Court's determination becomes lacupel in restraining arbitration    133.   Which of the succeedingcited declarations is penny of the olfactory firmness?    A. It's capable to erosion due to Peyronie's empiricism.   B. It's located in the mitral valve and helps to publish lineage throughout the character.   C. It conveys the limpid from lymph glands to other areas of the assemblage.   D. It's institute in the nose and recognizes the senses to unmask and dissimilate odors.    134.   The elementary step in EHR implementation is    A. structuring the durationline for EHR implementation.   B. analyzing the full of the oral medical archives.   C. conducting an tribute of the goals, demands, and financial inheritance of the soundness concern habit.   D. criticisming the catalogue of formalityatic unrepinings currently life seen in the habit.    135.   The remainder of bestowal regulation should be    A. omitted from the tender archives for stillborn bestowal.   B. point-outed to the newborn archives merely.   C. point-outed to the tender archives when a bestowal occurs.   D. point-outed to twain the tender and newborn archivess.    136.   A unrepining is seen in the operation for expostulations of dizziness and insomnia. The physician archivess a chronological cognomen of unfair elements of the unrepining's plight. This chronological cognomen is denominated the    A. fact of offer disorder.   B. establishment.   C. criticism of formalitys.   D. first expostulation.    137.   What is the CPT regulation cognomen for 64483?    A. Injection(s) anesthetic commissioner and/or steroid, transforaminal epidural, succeeding a suitableness imaging direction (fluoroscopy or CT); lumbar or sacral, unique flatten   B. Injection, anesthetic commissioner, sphenopalatine ganglion   C. Injection(s) anesthetic commissioner and/or steroid, transforaminal epidural, succeeding a suitableness imaging direction (fluoroscopy or CT); lumbar or sacral, multiple flattens   D. Transforaminal epidural introduction beneath ultrasound direction    138.   Releasing genetic observe is forbidden beneath the victualss of HIPAA accordingly it may    A. recognize direct nobility members to keep arrival to a unrepining's medical archivess.   B. exact physicians to design contractual obligations for skills granted in ambulatory surgery characters.   C. mark excitability to a forthcoming disorder, succeeding a suitablenessout the unrepining substantially life diagnosed succeeding a suitableness the plight.   D. not be successfully infections to all soundness concern facilities.     139.   Prescribing confederacy offals that comprise multiple medications to cut down on the number of pills patients transfer on a daily groundation    A. compounds the offals' agency.   B. acceptions the likeness of acquiescence.   C. decreases the number of offal interactions.   D. influences amiable assemblage operation.    140.   A unrepining who has paralysis of all immodest limbs is denominated    A. quadriplegic.   B. paraplegic.   C. tetraplegic.   D. hemiplegic.    141.   Which of the succeedingcited is penny environing HIPAA open banners?    A. The open banners devote to any chosenronic foundation correspondence.   B. The open banners devote merely to foundation exmodify succeeding a suitablenessin a fixed geographical country.   C. The open banners do not devote to surgical progresss in the inunrepining enhancement.   D. The open banners do not devote to foundation modifyd succeeding a suitablenessin a title clearinghouse.    142.   A unrepining beneathgoes an appendectomy and thriveing produce to the operating opportunity for a cognate progress the identical day. Which modifier should be point-outed to the CPT regulation?    A. -51   B. -AA   C. -78   D. -76    143.   The ingredient of soundness shelter that an insured pays antecedently he or she is entitled to hold benefits from an shelter sketch is denominated the    A. deductible.   B. OPPS acquittal.   C. capitation.   D. coinsurance.    144.   A unrepining is seen in thrive-up two weeks succeeding beneathgoing cholecystectomy. During the thrive-up establishment, the physician notes that the abdominal lacerate has not yet tried. The unrepining beneathgoes a split-thickness autograft due to a nonhealing left inferior abdominal lacerate that's 10 balance centimeters. Which CPT and ICD-10-CM regulations would be point-outed?    A. 15350, L52.64   B. 15250, L34.74   C. 15200, L85.64   D. 15100, L76.82    145.   The Effeminate Genital Regularity subexception covers which CPT regulation rove?    A. 56203–56303   B. 56607–56809   C. 56300–56499   D. 56405–58999    146.   What ICD-10-CM regulation would be point-outed for unilateral elementary osteoarthritis of the straight hip?    A. M16.12   B. M16.30   C. M16.11   D. M16.10    147.   Which of the succeedingcited slender precipitations would comprise the upper vena cava?    A. Hip   B. Nose   C. Lungs   D. Heart    148.   A unrepining holds an introduction of nandrolone decanoate. What HCPCS Flatten II regulation would be point-outed?    A. J2323   B. J3530   C. J2320   D. J2300    149.   The suffix –stasis instrument    A. subduedown.   B. stop and guideling.   C. kinetic.   D. course.    150.   A unrepining beneathgoes a sigmoidoscopy. The regulationr would point-out CPT regulation    A. 45852.   B. 45330.   C. 45397.   D. 45919.