The example monograph should be 4-7 pages, double-spaced, APA (sixth edition) format. The monograph is grounded on the subjoined: You are to fine and aspect ONE of the underneath movies: 1. Schmidt, A. (Producer), Wallace, R. (Director). (2002). We Were Soldiers [Motion Picture]. United States: Paramount. 2. MacDonald, L. (Producer), Scott, R. (Director). (2000). Gladiator [Motion Picture]. United States: Dreamworks & Universal Pictures. 3. Field, F. (Producer), & Zwick, E. (Director). (1989). Glory [Motion Picture]. United States: Sony Pictures. Or TV course: 4. The Office, US rendering (you may use one or past accidents, orderly shape believing to well adduce the allusion). 5. MASH (you may use one or past accidents, orderly shape believing to well adduce the allusion). 6. House, MD (you may use one or past accidents, orderly shape believing to well adduce the allusion). I greatly suffer you to use this course, it has compact soundifiable examples. Paper Content A. After aspecting the movie or TV semblance, fine one of the troddenors (leaders). B. Sift-canvass THREE troddenory techniques that they used, using particular examples from the movie or TV accident. Do not disburse too ample endeavor explaining the contrast or details of the scenario, orderly get to the aim. C. Shape believing to sift-canvass the subjoined topics: i. Which of the troddenory techniques were potent? Why? ii. Which troddenory techniques were not potent? Why? iii. Pick one spectacle and sift-canvass what you would possess done variously as a troddenor and why. iv. How does a high-stress environment move war or the pitch space move troddenory techniques, as compared to peacetime (or a less stressful environment)? v. What troddenory stroke do you most rehearse to and why? You should understand a peculiar recital from your society. vi. Why do troddenors fall if they are using a "textbook" technique? Explain using the spectacles from the movie / semblance or your own peculiar society to repair your exposition. If you possess already seen the movie or TV semblance accident, you may "skim" it to restore yourself.   If you do not insufficiency to guard any of the aloft movies or TV semblances, you must email me by week 6 for an fluctuate assignment. Here are some ideas for fluctuate assignments:  Alternate topics understand Leaders in the News; Corporate Example Failures/Successes and/or Government Failures/Successes, Leaders in Politics, Visionary Leaders.  You should possess a appellation page, 3-4 pages of assemblage pleased and the latest page should be your monograph's allusions.  Use at lowest 3 allusions on your monograph.  They should be subscription that aid your monograph.   Your monograph should inclose no past than 20% trodden citations or quotations. That resources 80% should be your own partition, thoughts, and ideas. Please do not abide until the end of week seven to ask if you possess questions about the assignment. IN CLOSING, HAVE SOMEONE PROOFREAD YOUR PAPER BEFORE SUBMITTING.......TOPIC FOR ME ( WE WERE SOLIDERS ) Writing Rubric