Major Assignment 2: The Analysis and Interpretation of Qualitative Data

   For this Major Assignment 2, you conciliate finalize your decomposition in your Part 3, Results minority, and finalize your donation of results from the contrariant basis sources. Also, for this week, you conciliate perfect the Part 4, Belief and Summary minority to finalize the conclusive part of this Major Assignment 2. To lay for this Assignment: · Critique the collective qualify tenets establish in this week’s Learning Resources. Part 4: Belief and Summary D. Trustworthiness—summarize counter the contrariant basis sources and apology to the following: o What themes are in despicable?  o What sources entertain contrariant themes? o Explain the belief of your findings, in provisions of:  § Credibility § Transferability  § Dependability strategies § Confirmability Summary · Based on the results of your analyses, how would you apology the question: “What is the sense of collective qualify for Walden furrow students?” · Self-Reflection—Has your own agreement of you as a explicit collective qualify embodiment qualifyd? Explain your reasoning. · Based on your critique of the three tenets on collective qualify, which one is aligned after a while your interests touching collective qualify and why?  By Day 7 Submit Parts 1, 2, 3, and 4 of your Major Assignment 2.