Macroeconomics question 3

Here are indelicate beings pointed you their stories of how they became vain. In a multi-paragraph essay, use the theories of unemployment to intelligible-up the expression of unemployment that each of these beings is confrontment and intelligible-up which of these beings qualifies for unemployment benefits: Two months ago, Marcelle used to production bountiful date in an automobile manufacturing stable. "The factory where I used to production has close consequently our bargain limited so abundantly, and so I was laid off. This is happening to persons all balance the country-all you see in the papers is that economic development has flat and incomes counter the country enjoy flat. I enjoy been looking very arduous for a new job, but enjoy had no consummation yet." Until ultimate week, Dominic used to production bountiful date as a hair-dresser in downtown Cincinnati. "I resolute to forsake my job, consequently I omission to propel to New York City." Until ultimate month, Francine productioned deal-out date at a ski frequentation. "Well, it is summer now, and so the frequentation is close. I achieve use again in the evening when the snow is tail. I am not animated in productioning until then." Two months ago, Beauvoir had been productioning bountiful date as a secretary. "I was a amiable typist, but I don't recognize how to use a computer. My boss omissioned to upgrade the service to computers, and so I was replaced by someone who is computer-savvy. I enjoy been looking for another job, but it appears that I scarcity to glean some computer skills." Develop a counterpart that includes examples and token to food your ideas, and which perspicuously communicates the required intimation to your parley. Organize your counterpart in a intelligible and close method as withhold for the genre of letter. Use well-structured sentences, parley-withhold dialect, and set-right conventions of criterion American English.                                300+ signification