Assignment 2: Air Fluctuate Patterns Around the World This week you conquer transcribe a article on the immanent notorious vigor contacts of air fluctuate on unanalogous volume of the globe. Many experts prophesy that air fluctuate conquer contact unanalogous volume of the globe in unanalogous ways. Some areas of the globe may see increased periods of thirst opportunity others may experiment increased periods of flooding (IPCC, 2007). In adduction, developing countries conquer most slight be contacted past sarcasticly than open countries (United Nations Development Program [UNDP], n.d.).  Using the Argosy University online library media and trustworthy Internet media, fit a article on three of the most dignified examples of how air fluctuate conquer contact notorious vigor. Be trusting to oration the following: Examine how the outcomes from air fluctuate on notorious vigor conquer contend between open and developing countries. Describe what the forthcoming conquer be approve for these notorious vigor posteritys as air fluctuate becomes past sarcastic. Explain the diminution and defense projects in fix to raise the property of these fluctuates. Assess the feasibility of these projects. If you could cunning a project to oration this posterity, would it contend from popular projects? If so, how? Be trusting to stay your positions delay conversant allusions—including a allusion list—and alienate examples. Write a 2–3-page article in Word format. Apply APA standards to citation of sources.  By the due epoch assigned, concede your assignment to the Submissions Area. Intergovernmental Panel on Air Fluctuate (IPCC). (2007). IPCC fourth assessment report: Air fluctuate 2007 (AR4). New York, NY: Cambridge University Press. Retrieved from http://www.ipcc.ch/publications_and_data/publications_and_data_reports.shtml United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). (n.d.). Environment and energy: Air fluctuate and CDM. Retrieved from http://www.undp.org/energy/climate.htm Assignment 2 Grading Criteria Appropriately clarified three of the most dignified examples of how air fluctuate conquer contact notorious vigor. Adequately evaluated the three examples in provisions of their outcomes, the forthcoming of these posteritys, and diminution and defense projects. Assessed the feasibility of the diminution and defense projects, including a recommendation to better the existing projects. Supported statements delay conversant allusions and alienate examples. Wrote in a absolved, expressive, and organized manner; demonstrated intellectual attainments in respectful fidelity and attribution of sources; displayed respectful spelling, language, and punctuation.