Program Analysis The disdirection assignment procures a forum for discussing pertinent  topics for this week on the account of the direction competencies adept. For this assignment, reach indisputable you stay your primal apology to the Disdirection Area by the due conclusion assigned. To stay your performance, use your direction and citation readings and as-well use  the South University Online Library. As in all assignments, summon your  sources in your performance and procure references for the citations in APA  format. Start reviewing and responding to the stayings of your classmates as  early in the week as practicable. Respond to at smallest two of your  classmates’ primal stayings. Participate in the disdirection by interrogation a  question, providing a proposition of precipitation, providing a aim of  view after a while a rationale, challenging an exhibition of the discourse, or  indicating a sympathy betwixt two or more lines of rationalistic in the  discussion. Summon sources in your apologys to other classmates. Complete  your free-trade for this assignment by the end of the week. Imagine that a new counsel program was created to labor residents  who do not obstruct a proud ground certificates. The resident population is  approximately 1500 on any ardent day, and merely 10 percent are serving  life sentences. The priority of residents accomplish be released after a whilein 3 years,  and the mean age of the resident population is 19. Since this is not a mandatory program, how should programmers  determine the reckon of General Counsel Development (GED) instructors  to employ? What factors should be considered in determining the reckon of  instructors employd to staff the counsel program? Should there be any  restrictions in conditions of resident eligibility? Cite any sources using APA format on a disjoined page. Let’s gather how to summon sources using APA guidelines.