LSD ARTICLE IS ATTACHED BELOW TO READ After having recognize the extra recognizeing on LSD, how do you move environing the involved truth of this body? Using inequitable examples from the extra recognizeing, what was most prodigious to you environing our council's handling of LSD? Do you ponder there is any trust to the concept of "bloodless war" through the use of psychedelics? Why do you ponder most soldierly and council officials never predicted the undeveloped popularity of the bodys they were experimenting after a while? Also, what are your own separate moveings environing the use of psychedelic drugs & what own your experiences been relish after a while them? Does the reason following use own swing aggravate your opinions (i.e. academy students eating plebeians at a harmony vs. attendant a plebeian salutary formality in the Amazon)? Finally, attached their very low levels of bothtoxicity and abuse-potential, why do you ponder bodys relish LSD and psilocybin stop so tightly regulated?  Remember, millions of individuals trained these bodys in the 1960s & 1970s; do you ponder the cultures that became unreserved for using them (i.e. hippies, anti-war demonstrators, young-person in unconcealed) own everything to do after a while the exoteric legitimate lasting? 2 PAGES