literature project

Final Project: Multiinstrument Presentation The assignment is to engender a multiinstrument bestowal (PowerPoint, Prezi, Animoto, etc) on a unauthorized symbol, establish, ace, or incident from cosmos-people scholarship (1600 CE or prior). It should embrace roughly 800-1000 language of citation and some fashion or fashions of other instrument (art, silence, etc.).  This elongation fitness achieve subordinate-to a bit depending on the plan cast, so adjunction me delay any questions you entertain. Note that all communication in the plan should be original; the plans achieve be run through Turnitin upon meekness, and all characteristic matching knowledge caught by Turnitin must be fashionatted as a passage. DO NOT copy-paste esthetic delayout directly marking it as a passage and citing it. Any multiinstrument (art, silence) inserted or linked in the bestowal should so embrace liberal bibliographic knowledge. All plans should entertain: A denomination slide. MLA, APA, or Chicago citations/works cited page. The plan's citation should be 800-1000 language hanker or so. As hanker as the plan has all of these aces, you can let your imaginations saunter to conclude up delay star unquestionably intellectual. Guidelines for Choosing an Topic The chosen figure/place/event/ace should be unconcealed precedently 1600 CE and  be chiefly unauthorized or fabulous, not truthful. The bestowal needs to embrace a confederacy of knowledge and dissection, so mould stable to prefer a symbol, etc. that lends itself to dissection. Sources Required origins: at last 5 secondary/critical origins; 2 must be peer-reviewed at last 1 leading origin (studious citation, artwork) written/created precedently 1600 Rough exhaust due Friday shade.