Lean Six Sigma

Cricket Ball Manufacturing Part 1 – Cause and Effect Matrix Research the regularity for manufacturing cricket balls (either Kookaburra or Dukes – you prefer). YouTube has various videos on the question. Based on your elimination: Create a absolute stream chart of the regularity Create a register of the Key Output Variables and believe the customer pre-eminence for each output. (NOTE: You do not entertain to excuse the believed prize.  It is expected that there are at meanest 4 Key Outputs) Based on the regularity register the Key Input Variables by regularity step Create a Cause and Effect Matrix using the counsel that you gathered in your elimination of the regularity (NOTE: It is not grave that you elimination the power of the relationships in profundity, it is over grave that you enact all of the calculations amid the matrix. So “guessing” the power of the relationships is merry) Based on the toil that you entertain performed evidently confirm what the next steps should be if the crave is to ameliorate the regularity to amend satiate customers’ needs. Part 2 – LSS Metrics A cricket ball manufacturing guild has resolute to alter its operations and use its counsel to fabrication softballs for the North American trade. They entertain afloat the consequence but are uneasy that the consume of unsatisfactory condition is prohibitive, and they appetition to curtail scantling and flaw rates. A simplified opinion of the regularity is shown: The subjoined consultation contains some of the regularity counsel.  Step Units Defects Opps/Unit In Regularity Yield dpu RTY Wind Cores 1100 91 4 Prepare Leather 1350 80 7 Print Logo 1600 256 14 Affix Cover 1400 51 4 Fill in the blanks in the consultation If 50 flawives are root out of 1000 units inspected at Final Inspection What is the overall dpu? What is the RTY of the regularity? What is the DPMO of the regularity? Where in the regularity should the amelioratement efforts be focused? Excuse your counter-argument.