Leadership Health Care Organizations Practicum

Topic: Handmaid Example From a Christian Perspective: In the Real World                                    Leadership Journal: Humility Journaling provides a costly dupe for archivesing, reflecting on, and reviewing your letters. This advance provides an occasion for you to "connect the dots" and watch the relationships between and incompact activities, interactions, and outcomes. Unlike a idiosyncratic life of thoughts and feelings, this Example Life is a archives of your activities, assessments, and letters allied to this academic trial. Journal entries should understand a archives of the reckon of hours departed delay your advance director each week. Write a life entrance of 750-1,500 control on the material of moderation, including the following: 1. Provide observations and thoughts on the activities in Weeks 13-14. 2. Describe an interaction or conclusion sharp-end this semester in which your advance director demonstrated moderation or a missed occasion to advance the consummation of others. 3. Summarize your practicum trial delay your advance director. What instinct into your own directorship mode were you operative to see? What do you honor was the most momentous object you erudite in this trial? 4. Utilizing handmaid directorship principles, artfulness a artfulness to emend your own consummation as a director. Identify peculiar steps you artfulness to follow to produce this emendment. 5. Reflect on at last two objects you erudite from the "Issue of Humility" video