Leadership Foundation/Critical Thinking

   Analyze the readings from discriminating and notional thinking; then decipher the avail of discriminating thinking (L103) and notional thinking (L104) to a sergeant greater and how the sergeant greater should fuse the concepts to explain problems among an structure.  As you investigate your counter-argument, things that may succor you are to investigate defining discriminating thinking interval incorporating some of the Elements of Thought and Intellectual standards. Also, investigate how sensitive biases and spiritual models feign the sergeant greater’s power to explain problems. At the end of your counter-argument, represent an sample (Clarity) to food your labor. Instructions: Post a stout judicious counter-argument, after a while at last 2 cited sources and a restriction of 500 say, to the subject-matter aloft.   Post should be: · Typed · Double Spaced the unimpaired pamphlet IAW APA 7th Edition 20  · Standard-sized pamphlet (8.5" x 11") · 1" margins on all sides  · Size 12 pt. Times New Roman font  · Use flush-left alignment and threadbare right; do not distribute say at the end of the thread.  · Indent paragraphs five extensions (Set the tab key)  · Use one extension at the end of a doom.  · Abbreviations: The primitive interval you use a vocable, enchantment it out in bountiful, followed by its closeness in parentheses; thereafter, you may use the closeness solely.