Law, Regulation and Ethics of IT Questions?

  There are five (5) questions. Each reply is rate 20 points. Each reply is scant to 300 signification. Points may be deducted for liberal the account article. The forthcoming criteria earn be used for grading: concatenation and foresight, uprightness, clarity and argumentative effect, spelling, rhetoric, and adapted citations/Reference List.       1. Life Style Surveillance       Digitization, technology and applications sanction us to instructor our visible energy and sanity statistics. Employers are increasingly spirited in influencing or persuasive the non-production activities of their employees. Describe the possible benefits to be gained from masters’ collecting/using employee lifestyle facts. For copy, do employees use regularly? Do they fume? Document one copy of an master collecting or avenueing counsel about employee non-province activities. Identify and decipher constitutional and ethical challenges to the performance of instructoring employee off- province lifestyle activities.      2. Ransomware Preparation  There own been a calculate of ransomware incidents this year. You are the CISO for a slight U.S. association that collects and stores singular counsel including financial facts. What are the key activities you demand to do to qualify for the possibility of a ransomware onslaught? Be fast to voice why each of these activities is essential.  3. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and Acceptable Use  Most structure trust on an Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) to article the singular use of association media. But, BYOD media the devices life used for production suit to employees. Discuss how an structure can/should direct the singular use of singular devices. What are most essential restrictions the structure can inflict? Why are these articles essential? How can they be orderly and enforced?       4. Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA)  This key cybersecurity law makes it a federal misdeed to intentionally avenue a computer externally authorization or to excel signed avenue and get counsel from a fortified computer. Decipher the effect(s) presented by the CFAA signal, “authorization,” using fresh copy(s).  5. The Privacy Act and Facts Brokers  The Privacy Act controls the federal council defence of unfailing facts in its systems of registers. Decipher how or if that Act applies to facts the council avenuees from retail factsbrokers.