Lab 5: Connecting to the Database

  Lab Overview Scenario/Summary Download the Lab instructions and the Lab fame for the needful steps to be completed for this lab. They can be root in the Files exception of the Course Menu underneath the Lab sort. Complete this template Lab fame instrument by completing the exceptions listed on the page (Objectives, Results, and Conclusions). You earn give-heed-to that the readings, including Nursing Dissertations, the examples we worked on during the Nursing Dissertation, and other audio and visual aids supposing, earn succor you harness this week's lab. Remember to frequently ensue the instructions to get consummation praise, and use the weekly argument akin to the Lab and the Course Q & A Forum in the Introduction and Resources module for appended succor. Be restricted and propound the example you are having explicitly, including what you bear executed to counteract it, in the argument. Deliverables Please rescue the completed Word instrument using the ensueing naming treaty. Rescue it peculiarized as flastnameLab05, where f is your pristine primal, ensueed by your decisive call and the primordial terminate call Lab05. Do not embody .docx; Word earn terminate delay the .docx production (e.g., Tom Brews, tbrewsLab05 and Word earn terminate delay .docx). Submit your lab. Required Software This Lab earn use the ensueing Lab Resources: Microsoft Office: Word MySQL Use a peculiar delineation of the software or admission Lab Resources underneathneath Introduction and Resources > Course Resources and vision the Lab Resourcessection. Lab Steps Step 1: Creating the Pristine Trigger The fame overspread sheets must be completed for all labs. The key space of these sheets embody the ensueing. Objective: Provide a one- or two-sentence explication of the end of the lab. Results: Give a propoundment of the definite output, such as what earn form this lab happy. Conclusions: Conclusions should be fixed on the results usually undeviatingly akin to the end of the lab. Observations and Measurements: All results from the lab must be commemorative on the overspread sheets. Turn in the overspread sheets for grading and hold the difference of the lab as worksheets.