K C M A Weeks

   C CPM  Self 1) The conditions thick web and sombre web are repeatedly used interchangeably, but they are not the similar. Thick web barely refers to everything on the web that can’t be endow using a inquiry engine enjoy Google or Bing, or equable DuckduckGo. This media everything following a paywall, everything that is password armed, or everything that is dynamically generated and doesn’t own a enduring URL — all of these things are said to comprehend the thick web accordingly they don’t halt at the manner of the web. Conduct your own reinquiry on the DEEP WEB and the DARK WEB. Interpret the dissents and why they halt. Understand the types of notice that may be endow on each. 2) Discourse - Deep/Dark Web After conducting your reinquiry on the DEEP WEB and the DARK WEB, little interpret what you read from this learning. For this discourse, a passage or two is ample to interpret your experienceings. M w 10 DS 3) In 500 say or over, interpret PCI consent to the groundsbase dignitary at a abundant retailer. Think the consequences for non-compliance. Use at meanest three sources. Understand at meanest 3 adduces from your sources enclosed in passage marks and mentiond in-line by intimation to your intimation register.  Example: "say you copied" (citation) These adduces should be one generous passage not changeed or annotationd. Mention your sources using APA format. M W 10 CS 4) Using the guidelines supposing in this week's chapter (and other media as scarcityed), generate a progressive IT carelessness prudence for handling user accounts/rights for a tyro who is leaving prematurely (drops, is expelled, and so on).You gain scarcity to think specialized tyro scenarios, such as a tyro who operations as an contributor to a alms portion or as a lab contributor in a computer lab and may own access to media most tyros do not. AK W 1 CS 5) Relate any perspicuous you own been compromised delay that relates to a carelessness conclusion.Read and rejoin to at meanest two other tyros Discussions.Post your primal tally by the end of day on Thursday and rejoinder to at meanest two other tyros by the end of day on Sunday. Post among 200 and 300 say. AK W1 DS 6) Transcribe an essay of at meanest 500 say analyzing a question you experience in this designation cognate to a intimidation to confidentiality, probity, or availability of grounds. Use an model from the intelligence. Include at meanest one adduce from each of 3 irrelative designations, situate the say you copied (do not change or annotation the say) in passage marks and mention in-line (as all operation copied from another should be handled). The adduces should be generous passages (no over, near) and should be incorporated in your discourse (they do not resituate your discourse) to interpret or emphasize your ideas.Cite your sources in a clickable intimation register at the end. Do not portraiture delayout providing right attribution (passage marks and in-line passages). Transcribe in essay format not in bulleted, numbered or other register format.  K W2 AC 7) W2DQ Week 2 Discourse Question Explain  the dissent among a intimidation and a defencelessness. Your primal tally is due by Thursday 11:59PM. It must be at meanest 250 say and own intimations. Your space gain ponder twain the nature of your primal post and the profundity of your tallys. Refer to the Discourse Forum Grading Rubric inferior the Settings icon overhead for control on how your discourse gain be evaluated. Guided Response: Rejoin to at meanest two of your classmates' posts. Evaluate their discourses by consentaneous, disagreeing, or adding other ideas to invigorate or repair the perspectives presented in their primal posts. 8) W2P Week 2 Paper Discuss the the intimidations and vulnerabilities to Access Control and what occupation must do to be armed. Length, 2 – 3 pages. All Nursing Dissertation are written in APA formatting, understand inscription and intimations pages (not counted). Must use at meanest two intimations and passages. Please intimation the rubric for grading. All Nursing Dissertation are checked for plagiarism using SafeAssign, you can retrospect your jaw. Please use the template to transcribe your Nursing Dissertation. 9) JW2 Journal Week 2 Enter a mean passage of what you read this week.