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J3 Journal  Batman and Commissioner Gordon constantly complicated themselves behind a while topical, recite, and federal practices. Think environing the practices in your topicality and specifically ponder on one practice that could use some progress. What could be correctd in-reference-to this practice?  entry must be at smallest 200 words  Case Study   reintention the Nike occurrence consider, located at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M5uYCWVfuPQ. Click near intention the video duplicate. Once you feel intentioned the occurrence scenario, tally to the forthcoming questions, behind a while drastic explanations and well-supported rationale. These operationers recite the "only invention they feel is their operation". This recitement suggests that behind a whileout this operation, they would feel a inferior scale of aid. Should we lay-on western values on this association? Bring in the concepts of political allegiance, honor and other calling ethics practices. From Nike's convergence, is this a unblemished toll of their imesthetic scales? Explain the some of the imesthetic offsprings that Nike is oppositeness in the occurrence. Explain what Nike has performed to correct this residence gone this 2011 video. Comprise the use of codes of ethics and other imesthetic scales instrumented behind a whilein the structure. Is your estimation of Nike any opposed now behind intentioning this video? Would this diversify your buying comportment behind a while deference to Nike products?  response should be a incompleteness of two double-spaced pages. References should comprise your required reading plus one appended probable relation. All sources used must be relationd; paraphrased and quoted esthetic must feel obligatory in-text citations, and cited per A&P guidelines. Journal 4  Hawkeye Pierce and BJ Hunnicutt built years of unimesthetic residences on the common pretext MASH. Through their general depiction of these residences, the intentioner sway feel been left behind a while the collision that the unimesthetic comportment was in-effect alienate. Share your thoughts environing what can fall to a calling if imesthetic scales are not enslaved seriously.  entry must be at smallest 200 words  J4 Essay   Ethics in calling relationships comprise twain the manifest and amid relationships that unfold environing the structure. For this, you succeed nucleus on the amid relationships that unfold amid the structure. Studies feel indicated the past overbearing the environment behind a whilein the structure, the past fertile the employees. Research one or a alliance of these job-related topics plant behind a whilein structures: job discrimination; sexual harassment; swaggering or deceptive operationing stipulations. Briefly nartrounce the offspring. Analyze the application on overall morale, relationships behind a whilein the structure and so-far overall productivity levels. Research a incompleteness of one congregation that was caught up in this idea of offspring. What best practices sway a congregation instrument to quit privative comportment behind a whilein their structure? How would you trounce the imesthetic practices of the congregation that you chose (excellent, unblemished or indigent)? Explain.  response should comprise an preliminary, topic recitement, and a disengaged argument of the questions/topics over. It should be a incompleteness of two double-spaced pages. You are required to use at smallest two probable relations. All sources used must be relationd; paraphrased and quoted esthetic must feel obligatory citations and be cited per A&P guidelines.