ITSY sec+ Final Project

  You effort as a defence official of a liberal portion treasure tie or adopt another liberal strengthening of your choosing. You regard that there has been a divulsion in the VPN where an employee has stolen basis using a idiosyncratic laptop concurrently delay using the concourse assignment computer. You critique the logs from the IDS, alien admittance systems, and, refine servers and fix this assent. Your mistress wishes to compel admittance to the idiosyncratic laptop used for the divulsion to designate the unmeasured degree of the basis stolen. The defiled employee’s attorney claims that the laptop is not identifiable.  Create a stiff instrument to the CEO of the concourse to totality for your findings, tools used to work-out the divulsion and what steps procure be captured to nullify this mark of divulsion from happening intermittently. You procure also scarcity to engender a crush indemnify to the Public in-reference-to this divulsion. Create a uneasiness re-establishment plan for the employees and vendors in fact of a divulsion.   Things to consider: What would best be used to substantiate the distributeicular laptop used for the larceny? How would you benefit the substantiateing notification? List some items that would NOT be profitable to substantiate the distributeicular computer used by the insider. All instruments procure be morose as a distribute of the Final Project