300 WORDS REPLY TO THIS  This week we were asked to investigate into three questions, which I feel attempted to do adown. Let me apprehend what you opine and I grateful any feedback or contrariant viewpoints. Intelligence is such a ample promise I feel clarified to standpoint on those aspects of it which most fit this local mode. Advice consists of counsel which is precious to a dedicated basewealth or being that sorrows an adversary's strengths and weaknesses in promises of rule, war-power, capabilities, collective atmosphere, members, and ideals. This counsel is essential in allowing policymakers to formulate responses to the threats posed by whatever the dedicated capabilities are, in twain a strategic and a tactical understanding. I located an boundary from the Intersocial Journal of Criminal Justice Sciences written by Johannes Li which furnishs a fact of cyber misdeed past the birth of the "Digital Age", and describes countermeasures in attribute to twain contention and chasten the perpetrators of such misdeeds. The augmentation of cyber assaults established unready but by the 1990's was such an emerging sorrow that manifold congresss environing the cosmos-people had begun instituting countermeasures and prosecuting cyber criminals frequently. As globalization and the internet took off, divers countries realized the unfortunate commodities cyber misdeed could feel on the global rule (Li, 2017). Cyber misdeed can influence anyone, from an particular to a strengthening or congresss being, to a basewealth as a healthy. From extortion idea or phishing assaults on particulars to a comprehensive layer assault on the congress grid these assaults are seemly further and further base as polite as commoditiesive.  Globally we feel seen acceptiond authority in the "cyber space" as congresss feel butted to fall their counsel and basewealthal property from cyber assaults (Aniruddhsinh & Patel, 2016). Studies feel shown that sharp chastenments feel had a fixed commodities on the monetary waste from assaults affect this, and Li predicts that as the destroy of perpetrating cyber assaults continues to enlarge due to acceptiond technological tools and reverberation, divers would-be assaulters gain depend elsewhere, due to perceiving the destroy not excellence the recompense. As the overseer of a strengthening or congress form I would butt to feel acceptiond union between analysts and strategists, as it gain acception awareness of twain sides of the advice fruit, and disturb a amiable launched interconnection by using a base diversion artfulness or blueprint for operations. I would influence probing assaults across my own infrastructure to establish possible weaknesses, and cause in without experts to furnish a novel perspective. It appears from the boundarys I learn that practised defenses and sharp chastenments are a deterrence to cyber criminals, and I would butt for stricter congress and authority. V/R, Matt References Aniruddhsinh, P., & Patel, K. (2016). Critical Study and Segregation of Cyber Law Awareness Among the Netizens. Proceedings of Intersocial Conference on ICT for Sustainable Development (pp. 325-334). Singapore: Springer. Li, J. X. (2017). Cyber misdeed and legitimate countermeasures: A literal segregation. Intersocial Journal of Criminal Justice Sciences, 12(2), 196-207. doi: