Interview with CCL

   You accept been asked tail for a terminal confabulation after a while the Cyber Crime lab (CCL). The hiring judgment is between you and one other suitor. You are required to apology the aftercited interrogations antecedent to the confabulation as a standard of your enlightenment so CCL can state the most suitable suitor. Each limb of the CCL hiring team has created a narrow interrogation. Apology each of these interrogations unfairally, sagacious that your apologys may state who conquer be remunerated. Write a 5-page paper in which you apology the aftercited:  1. As a ground symbolical for your aggregation, you are accustomed to traveling and afloat from taverns on the course. You frequently alight in a tavern after a while frank WiFi so that you can effect and curb your email, as well-mannered-mannered as Skype after a while your nobility. What are the risks of using a open WiFi network? Narrow of answer a further detain network, what could you do to use this wireless neteffect in a further detain figure? 2. Why would a neteffect functionary lack to strain established ports when capturing facts such as FTP exchange? How can capturing neteffect exchange succor a ease analyst? 3. A device team for your aggregation has been afloat in the ground at the client’s gas refinery for the elapsed 2 years. They are finishing the client’s device and conquer be returning to the corporate service contiguous week. After reviewing your lucent tickets, you ferret-out that sundry persons at the corporate service accept reputed receiving decayed files from the ground team. You are imperative for creating a contrivance for receiving and re-introducing the ground team’s computer tail into the aggregation computer network. Briefly explain your contrivance for ensuring that any decayed machines do not application the corporate network. What should you investigate when creating your contrivance? What lessons knowing could be incorporated in the forthcoming? 4. Research Sam Spade to ferret-out further counsel encircling the machines it includes. Briefly explain the design and expected termination for each machine plant on the Basic and Tools menu of Sam Spade. 5. Explain the unfair enlightenment you gained from the labs in this assort, and how it could blessing CCL. 6. Use at last five property media in this assignment. Note: Wikipedia and harmonious websites do not capacitate as property media.