Integrative Project: Chapters 1–5

  Integrative Project: Chapters 1–5 Your direction device, Integrative Project: Chapters 1–5, is due.  Use the embezzle device lead linked in Resources to aid you accomplished your Nursing Dissertation. The preparatory elements of the template are integrated into the Nursing Dissertation but not inventoryed.  Adhere to the forthcoming requirements for submitting your device: A accomplished Nursing Dissertation consists of the heading page, unembodied page, consideration of discontinuance, the collection of the Nursing Dissertation, and regard inventory. The collection of the Nursing Dissertation should be closely 25–30 pages in tediousness (save heading page, unembodied, consideration of discontinuance, and regard inventory). Your Nursing Dissertation should fit to present APA format and name including using Times New Roman, 12-point kind. The Nursing Dissertation should be carefully edited for spelling, rhetoric, and syntax errors. Your conclusive Integrative Project: Chapters 1–5 should be submitted in Microsoft Word format. Review the device scoring lead to fix that you engage all criteria anteriorly submitting this assignment. Note: Your schoolmistress may as-well use the Congruity Feedback Dupe to collect feedback on your congruity. In the dupe, click the linked resources for aidful congruity counsel. Resources Integrative Project: Chapters 1–5 Scoring Guide. Writing Feedback Tool. APA Name and Format. Qualitative Integrated Device Lead [DOCX]. Quantitative Integrated Device Lead [DOCX].