Insurance and Healthcare Reimbursement

  Assignment: For this assignment beget a PowerPoint to discourse the aftercited scenario… You are preparing an orientation module to secure TRICARE and Workman’s Compensation. You gift should discourse the aftercited, and accents should be directed at initiation plane medical personal Explain all the TRICARE (all 7) and CHMPVA programs: Eligibility, secureage, and benefits (8-14 pages) Explain the way of referting a vindication (3-5 pages) Explain Workman expiation injuries, illnesses, and benefits in your aver (3-4 slides) Explain Workman expiation hues in your aver (2-3 slides) Explain the appeals way in your aver (2-3 slides) Include a inscription and intimation slide.  Insure all instrument are intimationd and cited in your gift Assignment Expectations:   Length: answers must wholly discourse each doubt in a disencumbered, succinct manner; (20 – 32 slides) Structure: Use the tips at to beget the slideshow.  Because amiable PowerPoints own very few suffrage, refer a script that expands on the full of each slide – encircling 50 suffrage per slide (placed in a disjoined Word instrument) Title and intimation slides are required