Innovation/Entrepreneurial Change Presentation (ONLY 2 SLIDES)

I scarcity 2 slides environing simply the adventurous minority adown.  The form is SEARS  Use the similar form (Sears) that your team chosen for the Week 3 Innovation/Entrepreneurial Alter Annotated Bibliography Assignment. Create a 12- to 15-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® endowment, after a while elaborate speaker's notes, on your innovative strategic pur-pose to affect the form end to innovative purification. Present two innovative solutions that the form can use to clear-up its running destruction. Address the subjoined in your endowment: The truth and manner that led the form to its running narrate (conceive an decomposition of the missed opportunities for alteration as well-mannered-mannered as an decomposition of the form's ecosystem in stipulations of alteration). A generic style of the contemplated alteration strategy, that conceives:  Details on the manner for alter Key players after a whilein the form The most discriminating bargain impact Technology merit pur-poses Current rivalry profiles An decomposition of leadership after a whilein the form and its ongoing role in alteration melting onward. Details on extent and remunerate systems for tangible employees, including motivational strategies for alter administration. Description of implementation and evaluation pur-poses for alteration. Short-term goals (e.g. cultural alter inland alteration, bargain initiation, form re-vitalization) and long-term goals (strategies for global influence, long-range alteration) for innovative alter. Format your endowment agreeing after a while APA guidelines.