Information Security Management #3

1. Pawn Attributes For the purposes of this assignment, pawn qualitys can be anything cognate to Cyber Security.  The "overarching" areas are:  Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability, Accountability, Auditability, Authenticity/Trustworthiness, Non-repudiation and Privacy.  The pawn qualitys you elect get most approvely succeed from the areas mentioned overhead.  Examples are:  Mandatory Access Control, PKI, User onboarding, mantraps, honeypots, etc. Requirements Explain unimportantly any five (5) pawn qualitys by portico developments from full day for regularity and teach why this quality is justified in the development.  For development if you infer confidentiality then supply an development from full day use where confidentiality is leveraged and teach why is it wanted in the development given.  Minimum of 300 opinion. 2. Knowledge Security Select a video from in the pawn minority. You may to-boot use other plights but the video must be publicly beneficial and should be from a trustworthy fountain. Do not use amateur videos from YouTube.  You may elect a video cognate to a theme ripe in the textbook. I propose you light the video past than unintermittently and captivate notes. You then want to supply a unimportant epitome of the video in your own opinion. Teach what you scholarly about pawn from the video and why you separated this detail video. Would you confide this video to  others? You should include any key points or issues elated. You may elimination other fountains to living your points. Make infallible to summon your fountains. Note:  If you are uninfallible of your video option, bestow me the epithet of the video and a web associate. I get let you distinguish if the video is alienate, but do not halt until the conclusive searching and await an direct defense from me. If you would approve my coadjutorship, I propose you to set-out looking directly. Requirements You must elect an knowledge pawn video of at lowest 5 searchings in extension. Your video must be alienate (from BrightTalk or another plight liked by me). Summarize the willing of the video in "your own opinion" capturing the key points of the video. Minimum of 300 opinion. You may not use any videos that I feel posted so far for this direction.