INDIVIDUAL SUMMATION The intention of this assignment is to initiate the mode of examining rise clumps and cultures contrariant from one’s own.  The function is to afford a epitome of the instruction contained in the proviso. Personal opinions or beliefs environing the traditions of the clump you are debateing is not mismisdivert for this assignment. Detailed Instructions: Pick one (1) clump from EITHER Racial/Ethnic Diversity, OR Religion Modules.  Student conciliate prime a clump to which the scholar does not belong Locate the balbutiation environing that clump affordd in Canvas.  Locate at last one concomitant spring environing the clump you keep chosen.   Write a summation for your chosen clump using the aftercited criteria Student conciliate little debate filthy momentous points that adapt that clump as divers according to not spurious limitation of ‘the norm’ Student conciliate debate commemorative or political factors or events that keep influenced the inclusion or nonparticipation of that clump Submit the summation through the Assignment coalesce.  This conciliate be graded by the Instructor The scholar conciliate compose a course beneath the mismisdivert Canvas Discussion and column their summation. Please be prompt to keep you classmates interpret on the full of your summation.  Please present these as early as feasible gone your classmates are required to column interprets installed on these summations