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   Assignment 1 1 Page 1.  Analyze how a photo from your continuity passage symbolizes a perspective on globalization. Your essay should counterpart the aftercited two questions: 2. What aim is the photo intentional to symbolize? 3. How does your perspective on globalization align delay, disagree from, or transmute the intentional missive of the photo? Refer to 2 local examples from your continuity lection and proceedings in your assignment knowledge encircling each spring, including constructor, year, page compute, and promulgation heading.  Assignment 2 2 to 3 paragraphs  1.  Compare and dissimilarity these two essays by counterparting the aftercited questions: 2.  Which two tenets accept you chosen to assimilate and dissimilarity? 3. What global progeny do you affect these two tenets discourse? 4.  From what perspectives do these two tenets admittance the progeny (economics, collective, cultural, unvarnished, political)? 5.  In what ways are these tenets disagreeent? 6.  In what ways are these tenets the corresponding? The two tenets I chose is  “Mother Tongue” by Amy Tan ( “Leave Your Name at the Border” by Manuel Munoz (