IHP 323

    Short tract:  Intervention...       You are full delay selecting a theory/copy used in heartiness furtherance and maneuvering an intrusion inveterate on a civilized sexuality copy. Explain how your intrusion would be implemented. Be assured to thicken twain copys in your contemplated intrusion. Provide setting notice encircling how your speculative framework connects to your intrusion.     Health Furtherance Theories.pdf (1.3 MB) theories-and-models-frequently-used-in-health-p... IHP 323 Short Tract Rubric  Requirements of Submission: Short tract assignments must prosper these formatting guidelines: envelop spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, one-inch margins, and discipline-appropriate citations. Page elongation requirements: 1–2 pages.     Critical   Elements Proficient    1   Main Elements Includes all of the deep atoms and requirements and cites   multiple examples to make-clear each atom.   Inquiry   and Analysis Provides in-profoundness dissection that demonstrates accomplished conception   of multiple concepts.   Integration   and Application All of the route concepts are uprightly applied.   Research    Incorporates frequent well-informed media effectively that   reflect profoundness and solution of lore.   Writing (Mechanics/Citations) No errors allied to construction, rhetoric and mode, and   citations.