I will possibly need the same individual to complete this assignment part 1 and final

    Theory Pamphlet and PowerPoint Presentation  Draft 4-5 pg. pamphlet (10%) is due on Sun., September 16, 2018 at 11:59am through Turnitin. Conclusive 8-10 pg. pamphlet (15%) is due on Sun., October 7, 2018 at 11:59am through Turnitin. This assignment allure aid you attain past environing the biographies and pointedive contributions of one of the political theorists that we do not clothe in this arrange. It allure to-boot distinct your examination skills on the Internet and help you in giving an online PowerPoint introduction. Hither is the ocean marrow of the pamphlet capacity. This assignment can be tamed down into a course of steps: You allure prime a theorist in      Charles Lemert’s capacity that we are not clotheing for the vocable. Start to attain as fur as you can      environing your theorist in vocables of peculiar biography. You should divide whither the theorist      comes from, some key basis environing the theorist’s race of derivation, race      of procreation, his/her educational enhancement, his/her employment enhancement,      etc.. And if thither are any other thrilling basis environing that theorist,      gladden divide them hither. The biography should be environing 2-3 pages hanker. Then you should debate the      expressive contributions of the theorist in vocables of his/her key      speculative contributions or ideas generated and guiding employments written      (i.e., capacitys, subscription, essays, etc.). This should to-boot be 3-4 pages hanker.      This allure complicate conducting Internet searches from respectconducive political      theory footings. One glorious footing for      theorists who are past sociological is - Sociosite: Glorious Sociologists - http://www.sociosite.net/topics/sociologists.php. A succor footing which is past      philosophical but to-boot involves intercourse to political truth disciplines is      The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy - https://plato.stanford.edu/. Another footing      is Wikipedia. I am not divergent to      you faceing at a Wikipedia page when primary starting out – chiefly since      one of its founders – Jimmy Wales is from Alabama. J However, gladden recollect it should conduct you to other sources. Other universities or non-profit truth      organizations may feel good-tempered-tempered web pages on political theorists. Fitting decipher a multiformity of sources and try      to determine that they are polite-informed and not fitting a purposeless page put up on an      individual’s blog. You should to-boot restrain the Troy University databases to      see if thither are any life subscription written either by your theorist or      some other tyro analyzing their employment. IN TOTAL- you allure insufficiency at LEAST      redonation allusions for your draw and conclusive pamphlet. Lastly, you should stir the      employment that was featured in the Lemert capacity. For this, you allure transcribe it approve one of your Reflection Assignments      whither you allure get a tabulation in your own pointedion of what you deem are the      author’s ocean point/s or appearance/s. Then you can give the strengths      and weaknesses are of the theorist’s appearance/s ((e.g., Does the compelr      give tit attraction to tail up his/her appearance? Can you deem of counter-attraction that      the compelr ignores? Is the logic      consistent? Does the compelr feel a      feature harm?). This exception should be 3-4 pages hanker. You allure insufficiency your redonation or past      references for your draw pamphlet as polite as your conclusive pamphlet. If you insufficiency      aid after a while citing in APA format – this is an soundificonducive primer: http://www.mtroyal.ca/library/files/citation/apa.pdf You allure primary comply a draw of      this pamphlet on Sunday, September 16th precedently midnight on Turnitin on      Canvas. You should feel 4-5 pages      of a narrative to compel it a licit undertake. You allure transform in the conclusive pamphlet on      Sunday, October 7th precedently midnight.       Grading Criteria   for Theory Paper Pts. Recvd Comments on each   section   Content:   Three exceptions: 1) The tyro divided whither the theorist comes from, some key   basis environing the theorist’s race of derivation, race of procreation, his/her   educational enhancement, his/her employment enhancement, etc.. The tyro to-boot   shared any other thrilling basis environing that theorist. The biography was   environing 2-3 pages hanker or environing 20-30% of the protraction of the all pamphlet. (20   points)  2)   Student debateed the pointedive contributions of the theorist in vocables of   his/her key speculative contributions or ideas generated and guiding   works written (i.e., capacitys, subscription, essays, etc.). This exception was environing   3-4 pages hanker or environing 35-40% of the all pamphlet. (20 points)  3)   Student getd a retort modelled on a Reflection Assignment describing   the compelr’s ocean point/s or appearance/s. The tyro giveed strengths and   weaknesses are of the theorist’s appearance/s (e.g., Does the theorist give   tit attraction to tail up his/her appearance? Can the tyro deem of counter-attraction   that the theorist ignores? Is the   logic harmonious? Does the compelr feel   a feature harm?). This exception should be 3-4 pages hanker or 35-40% of the   all pamphlet (20 pts.)   Organization: Does the answerableness   flow? Is thither a distinct apprehension of   form to the all pamphlet (i.e., disquisition, intro, intermediate, and   conclusion)?Is thither form after a whilein paragraphs? (10 pts.)   Language: Is the answerableness   grammatically chasten? Are thither any   typos? Could the answerableness avail from   proofreading? Does the tyro transcribe in a polite-informed temper and quit fortuitous   language? (20 pts.)   Format: Are thither 1 inch   margins on undivided margin? Is the pamphlet double-spaced? Is the draw pamphlet to be   acid in on Week 4 – 4-5 pages hanker? Is the conclusive pamphlet to be transformed in on Week 7- 8-10 pages hanker? Did the   tyro supervene APA format? Is thither a   separate allusion page and clothe page? Are thither page gum? Are the in-text   citations in sound APA format? (10 pts.) Final Grade:  Video/PowerPoint Introduction – Due by Midnight on October 10th For this Power Point Video Introduction on your Theory Paper, you allure beget an eye-catching, thrilling PowerPoint video slide introduction in which you allure debate the ocean exceptions of your pamphlet. You allure be using Zoom which allure beget a webcam video of you giveing your PowerPoint. The undivided introduction should be among 15-20 minutes hanker. You allure then upentrust your Video/PowerPoint Introduction to YouTube. You should transcribe this introduction as if it was a meeting introduction. Gladden uniform in profession fortuitous habit and underconduct to recount your knowledge in a polite-informed but winning appearance. Gladden note: Do not use my lectures as a conduct for negotiative introduction as my lectures are incredibly ambagious in their introduction. To-boot - do not involve still n ess in your own PowerPoint consequently it most approvely allure be in reversal of copyright laws. You allure notwithstanding column this video to YouTube and then column the embody to the Arrange Discussion Board.  In vocables of how to composition the PowerPoint introduction, you should feel at last 10 slides (one starter slide (after a while your indicate and the indicate of the introduction) and at last 9-15 appended slides that conduct the representationer through the three ocean exceptions of your pamphlet (i.e., three-five slides per exception). In vocables of how the slides should face, gladden compel them as visually alluring as feasible after a while shabby wording on each slide and winning pictures. You should be explaining past in your introduction after a while the video of yourself – so fitting feel a few key pointedion on your slides. TWO CAVEATS HERE: Gladden do not feel circumlocutory slides in which you are deciphering your slide to the representationer. That is BORING. To-boot - DO NOT USE CLIP ART. Clip art in my redonation faces unprofessional. So gladden use thrilling pictures from the Internet approve Google Images, etc..  Regarding how to pointedion up for Zoom – hither is a YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g3VS-49Vg6M&index=3&list=PLKpRxBfeD1kEM_I1lId3N_Xl77fKDzSXe) video explaining the process. It is free! Next, I failure you to face at these instructions for creating and recording a PowerPoint introduction in Zoom (Zoom Tutorial 2: Recording a PowerPoint & Video after a while the Zoom Video Conferencing Tool https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WmMSXOQVQs4) Please recollect - when you do this introduction, I failure the undivided arrange to see you. When creating your PowerPoint, you allure insufficiency to be careful of whither you allure locate the dialog box that allure feel your video hide highlighted. To-boot – pay notice to whither the video is saved on your computer. After you feel begetd your PowerPoint Video in Zoom, I failure you to upentrust your video to YouTube. If you do not feel a YouTube representation, you allure insufficiency to beget one. Hither is how you do that: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b38ef8n1p4U&t=67s. Then, you allure column that video to the conclusive Discussion Board. When you beget a line, you allure be ideally adding your YouTube Video Presentation.  Some tyros may pointed affair that they may not be conducive to get Zoom or YouTube to easily employment for them. If you do not feel a webcam, gladden email me by the foundation of Week 6 to see how else you can do this assignment. If you do not email me and do not compel another guile as to how you allure do your introduction, you allure be deducted 15 points for not substance conducive to easily consummate Zoom and YouTube.    Grading   Criteria for Video/PowerPoint Presentation Pts.   Possible Pts.   Received Comments   on each exception   Was   the tyro conducive to consummate Zoom and entrust it to YouTube? Was the audio and   video distinct? 15   Did   the PowerPoint Introduction embrace a starter slide introducing the giveer and the theorist? 10   Did the   PowerPoint Introduction get at last 9-15 appended slides for each of   the three components of the pamphlet. 1. Biography component 2. Key ideas and employments 3. Reflection Assignment Portion 45   Was   the PowerPoint visually thrilling (i.e., winning pictures and not too divers   expression per slide)?  20   Did   the tyro drop after a whilein the period conductlines? 10 Final Grade: