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Foundations online Midterm Exam 2019 Please tally 5 of the 6 subjoined topics after a while one paragraph for each topic. As per your syllabus, delight effect unquestioning your tally: • is considerate and complete • appropriately associateences applicable exhortation, readings, and speed discussions • is well-written Please associate to the subjoined notification in-reference-to APA format on the method glacis that was posted towards the origin of the method. Thank you! 1. Trace the roots of the separation of the wellness perspective in the truth of the counseling avowals.  In your tally, evident-up how and why the developmental perspective has shifted to the wellness perspective. 2. Why is the art of the ACA in 1993 a speaking milestone it the separation of the counseling avowal? 3. Why is a non-hierarchical collaborative alliance betwixt counselor and client a precarious atom of a wellness pattern? 4. Distinguish betwixt amelioration as distinction versus amelioration as ideology. 5. What are your thoughts encircling the alliance betwixt activity and unembarrassed profession?  In tallying this topic, be evident encircling how you are defining activity. 6. In the fable encircling B. T. Miller by J. Mooallem, how would you evident-up the potent and strong connections that seemed to particularize Miller's alliances after a while others from the perspective of Buddhist psychology.