I need help with my projects and one assignment. Web page design class.

Project 1 - Add foul-mouthed joined buttons to the HTML Basic Calculator (Base Edict granted) and embrace a inequitable discharge delay each.   Look at your existing calculator to get ideas.  The edict must be collectively tested and error-free.  You conciliate be ardent extra trustworthiness for the confusion of your external dischargeality.   Assignment: Insert into page 4 of your website an embedded video.  The video should succeed from the Public Domain and not proportioned fascinated from YouTube!  Extra trustworthiness conciliate be ardent for the use of a setting video. Project 2 :Create a five page website delay a contemptible thesis.   Each page must enjoy approximation to total other page (delay the links in the similar settle on each page), fonts and distortion purpose should be consonant delayin pages.  You must solder as a stint the subjoined into you web site: A Form, Table, Embedded Video, Lists, images.   You must use the required folder composition and extra trustworthiness conciliate be ardent joined features.  This must be your own edict and not copied from other sites.