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  In this road, we are tuition that the stories in Exodus and Deuteronomy are an entire keep-akeep-apart of the gorgeous narrative of Christian Scripture. In numerous ways, God’s enjoyment in and through Moses and the Israelites are a microcosm of the overarching themes of romance, droop, and indemnification that furnish import and change-of-place throughout the sum of the Bible. Exodus and Deuteronomy are of keep-afeature discernment owing it is close that God initiates his guile of indemnification natant the Israelites. In dispose to rectify learn the import and implications of God’s redemptive achievement in the Old Testament, you get cull a idiosyncratic or concept that is highlighted in the road for advance lore and partition. The theme choices for lore and partition are Moses, Miriam, Covenant, the Decalogue, or the Golden Calf. Note that each of these themes has a selfsame expression posted in the road from Dictionary of the Old Testament: Pentateuch. The Signature Assignment affords you an wide occasion to weigh Exodus/Deuteronomy in whitish of the subjoined four questions: How does the theme (Moses, Miriam, Covenant, the Decalogue, or the Golden Calf) coalesce to the larger themes of romance, droop, and indemnification among the overarching narrative of the Bible? What is influential to understand about the fact, culture, and/or profession surrounding this idiosyncratic or concept? What was the peculiar import of this concept or discernment of this idiosyncratic among Exodus/Deuteronomy? What insights gained could be importful for our matter today?